Unusual uses of Machine Learning

Posted by Abhijeet Gaware on January 15th, 2019

In the present day scenario, Machine Learning uses are numerous and it has been influencing our life the way we have never imagined. Let’s have a look at the unusual uses of machine learning.

1) Machine learning has the picture classification technology where its algorithms help the organizations to compile, categorize, and label images efficiently.

2) Machine learning helps in content moderation in connection with its commercial application. It moderates spam and discovers content to monetize advertising and reduces de-subscription of customers.

3) The Chatbots are behaving like humans and it’s literally impossible to differentiate them from human chats. The machine learning is making it possible.

4) On social media platforms, machine learning shows the kind of content that we are most interested in. It picks the most engaging content first and shows to users based on their choices.

5) Machine learning is tremendously helpful in natural language processing, speech translation, prediction systems, and search ranking.      

6) Machine learning analyzes the online behavior of consumers, helping them to buy products online as per their online commercial behavior.

7)  Machine learning helps in imitating the actual voices, through ‘deep voice’ technology wherein it copies the voice through a pitch, accent, and pronunciation, eventually helping in voice pattern recognition system.

8) Machine learning is used in the software Watson, which eventually helps in giving accurate guidance in treatments for cancer and other serious diseases.

9) Though we are a few years away from self-driving cars, the self-driving technology depends heavily on machine learning.

10)  Machine learning provides cyber-security by detecting fraud, preventing phishing and defending against viruses.

11)  The technology helps in answering your questions. Suppose you type ‘Indian Prime Minister’ you will get the answer ‘Narendra Modi’...that’s all because machine learning has all the answers!

12)  Hello, Barbie answers the queries by a child. Whenever a child poses a question, Hello Barbie satisfies the curiosity of a child – all thanks to machine learning.

13)  Machine learning is now coming up with new recipes and can guide the chef in kitchen on what and how to cook for the day.

14)  Machine learning has been coming up with new and new music that will eventually help in coming up with fantastic lyrics and songs.  

15)  Machine learning suggests ways to optimally utilize energy and makes lives easier for citizens!

16)  Under financial services, machine learning helps in reducing the risks and eventually assists in financial organizations deciding their loan disbursal decisions.

17)  The vehicle industry is using machine learning to decide when the car needs servicing, how the safety equipment is performing and eventually, how is the car is overall performing.

18)  Machine learning has also been helping farmers in their plans to sow seeds and predicting weather while also guiding on when to use the fertilizer and pesticide.

19)  Machine learning is using media to write local news stories and broadcasting them on radio and other voice platforms through voice technology.

20)   Machine learning is reading the behavior of online subscribers at Netflix and Prime Video etc. and what they love watching. In this way, ML is improving user streaming experience.

21)  Machine learning is moderating content on social media by fighting racism, gender discrimination, and other abuses. In this way, ML is making social media a better place to be on.

22)  Machine learning is being hugely used these days to predict an earthquake and save thousands of people from this deadly calamity. The machine learning algorithm predicts the seismic waves and informs the way in advance about the upcoming calamity.

23)  Machine learning is also writing scripts from the collected scripts of the past episodes. It’s creating scenes based on the past scenes and coming up with interesting episodes.

24)  Machine learning has been helping painters and photographers by coming up with new patterns and suggestions.

Since machine learning uses are many, here are few of the most crucial and revolutionary uses mentioned, so as to get an idea about its unusual and creative usability.

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