Why Use Polyurethane Insulation Boards?

Posted by Andrew Oldroyd on January 15th, 2019

When it comes to insulating a property, polyurethane insulation has turned out to be one of the most efficient and effective choices. The R-value of polyurethane insulation boards make them a worthwhile and attractive investment. They seal all kinds of gaps and mould themselves to the contours. They have the capability of providing excellent structural strength and build their very own vapor control layer, which is vital in insulated buildings today.

A lot of people are intimidated these days considering the cost and commitment demanded by polyurethane insulation in their properties. Without being learned about their benefits, property owners can easily overlook installing them, but it’s definitely not a wise choice. Here are a few ways how R-value of polyurethane insulation boards can benefit a property and help in saving money.

1.Lower energy use and cost:

Once the air present in the building is cooled or heated, polyurethane insulation boards help in restricting it to the building, thus lowering energy bills. The R-value of polyurethane insulation boards also aids building owners in saving money, right from the moment they are installed. They build a protective barrier in places like attics, under floors and walls, thus effectively shielding the property from elements that help in saving energy. Apart from that, polyurethane insulation boards also require small air conditioning and heating units, which can further help in saving money.


The wide range of polyurethane insulation boards in terms of both exterior and interior use provide a huge variety of designs and functions. Besides, the thin profile of these boards give architects a great deal of flexibility in terms of creative design while also maximizing the interior space. These boards can fit in any size or shape. Virtually everything such as angled walls, bay windows, curved ceilings can be insulated with polyurethane boards, allowing higher design flexibility, functional space and energy efficiency.

3.Keeping the outside air outside:

Air usually paves its path to the interior with openings and cracks from areas such as attics, floors or foundation, reducing the energy efficiency of building and also bringing elements such as dust, noise, moisture and pollutants. Air barriers keep a check on this infiltration by enveloping the building’s ventilation system. They develop a layer around the property, avoiding the chances of escape of the air inside and the infiltration of air outside.


As polyurethane insulation boards envelop buildings and restrict air improvement, they help in blocking elements such as dust, allergens, pollen and other contaminants. They also aid in retarding the growth of mildew and mold which helps in making the property a healthier place. Additionally, they also work as a sound barrier, creating a more comfortable and peaceful building.

Whether it is about building, designing or remodeling, R-value of polyurethane insulation boards makes them an ideal choice for all property owners.

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