The Cardiac Bear - The Effective Heart Pillow For Cardiac Patients

Posted by Shalonlew on January 15th, 2019

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the common causes of millions of deaths that we come across every day. In the United States alone, more than 610,000 people die of heart diseases every year meaning 1 in every 4 deaths is due to cardiovascular diseases.

Out of all the cardiac conditions, the most common is hardening or blockage of the arteries, which is believed to be the major cause of deaths related to heart conditions. It occurs when the arteries supplying the blood to the heart get clogged and fail to deliver the blood, resulting in heart failure or difficulty breathing. The only treatment, which is considered to be the most effective one, is open heart surgery.

Open heart surgery is a treatment in which the chest is cut open to perform surgery on the arteries of the heart and many times on the valves and muscles to treat the underlying cause. Though almost every patient goes back home with a heart devoid of any difficulty breathing, the majority of them suffers from post-surgery pain.

After open-heart surgery, patients, in order to recover completely, need to cough to remove phlegm from their lungs and to open the air sacs present at the bottom of the lungs.  When they cough, they suffer from pain and pressure on the stitched wound, and to help relieve that pain, they usually squeeze a pillow against their chest.

To help cardiac patients with pain management, the Cardiac Bear was developed. It's one of the most used heart pillows after heart surgery. Stuffed very firmly, it offers a more effective yet fun alternative to traditional heart pillows allowing the patients to not feel any pain when sneezing, coughing or laughing. Not only that it’s beneficial for heart surgery patients, but it also provides relief to those recuperating from Cesarean Sections, Hernia surgery, Military wounds in the abdomen, Bariatric surgery and more.

When it comes to the measurements of the bear, it’s 17 1/2 " tall by 14" wide by 8" thick at his thickest part, which is the head because it has a large nose!

The bottom line is, if you or your loved one is recovering from an open heart surgery and suffering from pain and pressure, make sure you opt for one of the best heart pillows for cardiac patients, that is, the Cardiac Bear and get the relief from pain and have a comfortable time laughing and coughing.

Author’s Bio: the author is a blogger and this article is about heart pillows for cardiac patients.

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