Tips For Mountain Biking in Lake Tahoe Area

Posted by Miley Munroe on January 16th, 2019

Before you go mountain biking in Lake Tahoe area, it is important that you make a list of the equipment you need to carry with you on the trip as well as the ability required to ride the area you are planning on riding. Most Lake Tahoe mountain bike trails are amazing; however, to make the most of the experience, make sure you have the tools and supplies required to hydrate yourself every now and then, repair a flat tire, or enjoy a snack. If you are planning on taking a single track trail, don’t forget to collect vital information from local bike riders, local bike shops, and trail maps.

Whether you are mountain biking in Lake Tahoe area or anywhere else, you should only take trails that are open for these activities. You should always respect road closures, and if you aren’t certain whether a trail is open or not, ask locals about it. Always respect the law and never trespass onto private land.

Sharing the trail is often difficult. There are a few multi-use trails in the Tahoe area that are used by bikers, hikers, ATV’s as well as equestrians. When you are on one of these trails, you have to be extra careful. Let the other trail users know that you are in close proximity. This will help you as well as others enjoy the experience without having to worry too much about your safety. Slow down or even stop if required. Establish communication with others on the trail to avoid accidents.

Be aware of your place in space. One you start, get your bearing rights. Look around and orient yourself to everything that you can see - mountains, lakes, creeks, valleys, neighborhoods, and even buildings. It is important to keep a track of these things because they will act as reference points during your ride. Riding in Lake Tahoe is indeed an adventure; however, it could quickly disorient you from the topography around if you don’t continuously keep a track of your reference points.

Keep enough water with you to stay hydrated during the entire trip. Riding in high altitudes can often result in cramps, fatigue, and dehydration. If you are taking a mountain biking trip in summer, the high temperatures and low humidity can seriously contribute to the symptoms mentioned earlier.

These are a few very important tips that will help you make your Lake Tahoe mountain biking trip more enjoyable.

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