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White Collar Crime

Posted by Winniem on January 16th, 2019


The trend current fraud and criminal activities involve the people with intellectual minds. The professionals in different areas of jurisdictions take the opportunities of their career to implement criminal activities.

White Collar Crimes

The United State Attorney Mr. Booth Goodwin proclaimed that Dr. Jose Jorge Abdul Gordinho, M.D had charges on drug and substance trafficking by the Grand Jury In Beckley, West Virginia. Gordinho actively participated in the distribution of pain medication like the oxycodone and morphine. The trade was not for legitimate medical purposes. The act was beyond the ethical issues of medical policies and far much beyond the legal medical practices. The crime has classifications under criminal offense on account of drug and substance trafficking. The punishment involves 20 years imprisonment and the corresponding fine worth 1 million dollars. Gordinho in confiscated at Southern Reginal jail waiting for trials. Mr. Gordinho should have the 20-year imprisonment plus the one million dollars fine since he is a qualified doctor participating in drug and substance trafficking.  The society is affected by losing the intellect of the society who ends up in jail for miss-using their profession (Friedrichs, 1996). The above-discussed crime is a white collar crime since the individual is a doctor in the profession.

Mr. Pasquale Stiso age 54 years is a disbarred New York Attorney, who allegedly had an engagement in the real estate investment fraud scheme as well as money laundering. The act defrauded about 15 victims making them loose five million dollars. The Judge Mr. Paul Mancuso charged him with wire fraud civil crime. The wire fraud crime carries a punishment of maximum 20 years imprisonment and a maximum fine worth 250, 000 million dollars fine. The sentence subjected to the Mr. Stiso is not worth for developed and developing states. The amount of money stolen can improve the economy. Hence, the individual should take fewer years in jail to maximally utilize the money robbed before losing value (Sutherland, 1983). The crime is a white collar crime since the involved victim is highly educated, and qualified for official services.

April Lynn Locklear aged 35 years got a sentence to court by the Chief Unites States District Judge Mr.  James C. Dever.  The victim was from Rowland North of Carolina. The victim counterpart was Mr. Chona Kay Oxendine aged 32 years of age. Mr.  Kay Oxidendine was from Shannon, North Carolina. The two victims pleaded guilty of making false entries in the banking records. The constitution classifies such irregularities under civil offenses worth severe punishment under the court order. According to the constitution, the crime carries a penalty of a maximum of 5 years of imprisonment. The sentence if followed by a fine worth 0, 000. The Chief Judge Dever scheduled the hearing and the sentencing of the two criminals on the February 22, 2016. The sentence as stated by the constitution is too harsh for the two criminals. MR. Lyn and Mr. Kay should be imprisoned for fewer years to enhance the utilization of the amount of money they have stolen. Keeping them in jail to serve for five years will make the value of dollars decline. The members of the society lack of trust with the banking services due to poor methods of securing their money (Friedrichs,1996). The above is a white collar crime since the victims involved were employees and professional in banking.


The three crimes discussed involve the stealing of money from different companies and individuals. This indicates that the intellectuals have low wages and salaries that contribute to increased crimes to compensate on their expenses.


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