White collar crime

Posted by Winniem on January 16th, 2019


White collar crime had a clear definition in the 19301 by Edwin Sutherland when he defined it as a crime committed by somebody of high esteem and social status in the course of their occupation. There has been a redefine of the same since then and nowadays it is not only those people that have a high social standing that commit these crimes, there are those of low social status that fall in this scam. The US department of justice defines it as a non-violent crime that one commits for financial gain using some deceptive means. Below is an analysis of three while collar crime committed recently between October 1st and November 27, 2015.

  1. The claim of Wayne Simmons to be an EX-CIA (Zapotosky, 2015).

The article is about the named individual that claimed to be an American James Bond, the former CIA and he tried to convince people to the extent that no one would doubt the purported identity. He used to make appearances on the FOX News and the confidence with which he spoke made everyone that watched and listened to him to believe his claims. There was arresting of Simmons by the law enforcement agencies and they judged him with making false claims. The magistrate judge ordered Simmons to be jailed ahead of a detention hearing with no chance to talk offered to him.  The case went one well although the perpetrator did not get enough chance of defending himself. Simmons deserved to face imprisonment because CIA is a very sensitive area in which one can use it to carry out many criminal activities.

  1. Disbarred NY Attorney was Indicted for Real Estate Investment Money Laundry and Fraud (USAO-New Jersey, 2015).

The article by the US Department of Justice in the New Jersey District talks about the attorney general who has been engaging in investment conspiracy and has managed to defraud over 15 victims with more than million for the last six years to the present (USAO-NJ, 2015). There were three counts of money laundering and seven for wire fraud judged against Pasquale Stiso. The victims of the crime are the general public that he managed to cheat many times that he was buying from them real estate assets and selling them at a higher price to benefit the victims. He instead engaged in monetary transactions show aim was to funnel and launder the victim’s investments for his benefit. The case is not yet resolved, and the victim is innocent until proven otherwise there are no sanctions against the perpetrator yet. The way to resolve this matter is to conduct an in-depth investigation and bring the perpetrator to book if found guilty.

  1. Bobby Boye sentenced for fraud in New Jersey (Associated Press, 2015)

The man committed a criminal offense of conspiring and committing a wire crime. The perpetrator is the named individual while the victim of the crime is an unnamed country. The man committed the crime while he was working for a committee responsible for assessing the bids for multi-million dollar contract for the purpose of providing tax and legal accounting to the unnamed country.  The country of NJ wired over .5 million to a fake country that Boye faked. The guy used that money to purchase properties in NJ, and he also bought some luxury vehicles like Range Rover, Rolls Royce, and Bentley. The man was judged with a six years imprisonment. The address of the case was satisfactory because the perpetrator admitted his mistake and so the legal [process was duly followed.


White collar crimes are becoming rampant in our today’s society and the increase of the same day by day is an issue of concern by the law enforcement agencies. There should be strict measures against the perpetrators so as to make others fear of committing such a crime. The cases presented in this paper are among the few white collar crimes that have been happening in the recent past.


Associated Press (2015). Man sentenced for scam that bilked country of .5 million. 

USAO-New Jersey (2015). Disbarred New York Attorney Indicted For Real Estate Investment Fraud Scheme And Money Laundering. 

Zapotosky, M. (2015). He claimed to be ex-CIA and was quoted as an expert on Fox News. Prosecutors say it was a lie. 

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