Propose a Plan to Stop Terrorism

Posted by Winniem on January 16th, 2019


            Terrorism remains the greatest problem in the contemporary world. Military intervention remains one of the approaches the world uses to fight this problem. Unfortunately, its roots continue to gain ground and therefore, it may mean that military is not a sufficient way to fight this problem

Plan to stop terrorism

            Terrorism is viewed like in the body with the world as a representative (Rumsfeld, Donald 232). The United Nations and other world organizations, as well as individual states, continue to attempt solving the terrorist problem by attempting to eliminate its manifestations in the world. This approach is like eliminating a virus through the removal o        f a single cell at a time at the same time damaging the host body or the world. The increases in every violent removal and many illnesses, terrorists get generated.  For those who view it more deeply, the sole way to perfectly eliminate terrorism is dealing with systemic causes. Groups like al Qaeda are just effects and not causes. Their causes are usually desperate poverty, prolonged oppression as well as a future with no hope.  All terrorist groups often provide a distorted sense of life as well as the purpose for the disempowered people.

The way biological body successfully defeats a virus is through helper T-cells that stops the viruses from multiplying. To effectively deal with terrorists, the United Nations together with the other nations, need to develop a heartfelt dialogue with real representatives of people who feel dispossessed as well as impoverished (Hirsh &Michael 9). The strategic plan that can successfully stop or eliminate terrorism from increasing lies in devising long-term plans that are supported and funded by world nations I totality. The plan should address basic needs of every group people in the world and helps them in the equitable and fair way. This strategy will provide a good sense of hope, purpose as well as meaning for terrorists. This process will help in freeing the sects from the despair that propel them to fundamentalism as well as terrorism. With new hope horizon, individual's thoughts naturally will turn to death and destruction to live and creation.

            The assertion that almost everything changes among people is undisputed.  What the world needs to add to this is that all change is always growthful. Similarly, changes that are outward regressive as well as harmful finally lead to severe suffering, induced new insight and forward growth. Therefore, growth isn’t optional. Growth remains an inevitable constituent of existence. The only choice or option remains whether people will end up growing consciously and in joy or unconsciously with painfully. In all main steps of our lives, we face such crossroads.  Does this relate to war on terrorism as well as crisis we face? To search for inner understanding and not the justification of terrorism, we need to ask ourselves, "How comes innocent newborn children transform to terrorists?" There are various sophisticated responses to such question, but in the final analysis, the cause is the tremendous pain that lead to tremendous rage. This rage gets directed towards foreign people who are the world populations. The attraction for terrorist organizations seeking recruits becomes offers of relief from the pain of today’s live or the next. Just like Gordon together with Corinne poignantly asserted, the sole way to stop terrorism remains to end the pain as well as the suffering that make it. We believe that with United Nations’ leadership as well as an Apollo program style of commitment, wealthy nations in the world currently have technology and other resources to stop much of mankind increasing, always silent, suffering. But all stakeholders need to grow their collective awareness of the suffering and their compassion for it r to develop the will to stop it. This growth in the awareness, as well as compassion, is compulsory. The one question is, will the stakeholders grow consciously as well as joyously by opening their hearts to mankind and end up practicing this simple principle of caring for others the same way they would do for themselves, if each consider issues from personal experience?

            If  all stakeholders take this choice, each of  them  will righteously ask, "if  we were starving and oppressed  while  another nation’s people  are mostly wealthy as well as  free by comparison, how would  we want  people  rich  country to respond to our plight?" And as nations take their honest answer to such question as a guideline for deliberate actions, nations will know the great joy of service individually and collectively as nations. Or, will nations choose to grow awareness as well as compassion in unconsciously, painful and forced by the world events to experience the same suffering like others’ experience in their lives,  own land and own doorsteps? A nation with the potential to stop terrorism stand at crossroads in which they may choose growing through the tremendous pain or in profound joy. One choice remains for insensitivity and results to passivity (Turkey & Ahmet Tolga 426-427). The other remains of love and results to deliberate and consistent action. Which will rich nations and United Nations choose? Which choice needs all main players to choose together? Off-course the answer is the positive one, and that remains my proposed strategy to fight and end terrorism.


            There are many ways to kill a rat including burning a house, but, the best way is that which minimizes harm to people. Similarly, the United Nations and wealthy nations need to choose best ways to kill and end terrorism.


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