Make your Home Safe and Comfy with Insulated Metal Panels

Posted by Andrew Oldroyd on January 16th, 2019

Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) are lightweight composite exterior wall and roof panels made from metal skins. These panels have an insulating foam core which has superior insulating properties and spanning capabilities. These installations are quick to install and cost effective compared to other wall assemblies. One can find IMPs in wide variety of colors, widths and finishes, to create a virtual aesthetically desired walls and roofs.

Where are these used?

IMPs have varied applications. These are used in the following places.

  • Commercial and Industrial

IMP’s are a preferred choice for all types of commercial and industrial buildings. Insulated steel panels in Canada has huge demand because of the quality of energy efficiency, lightweight , durability, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Cold Storage

Insulated metal panels are excellent for climate-controlled facilities in manufacturing, processing, storage, or distribution of perishable food like fishes. Available in various thicknesses, these panels can be designed to meet any specific thermal requirement.

  • Insulated Roof

IMPs provide great roof insulation solutions. This helps in blocking the exposure to climatic changes and provides a roof with superior insulation properties that can last for decades.

  • Benefits

IMPs have many benefits over traditional insulation. Some of them are listed as follows.

1. Easy installation

IMPs easy installation promotes project build speed by minimizing any unnecessary delays. Their solid, lightweight nature makes them easier to install and position. They can be installed in any weather conditions and are designed to perform effectively in all climatic conditions.

2. Strong and durable

These products are structured to withstand rough conditions which makes them highly flexible and durable material. Insulated steel panels Canada offer unparalleled performance and consistency than other tradition insulation products.

3. Long life

Their strong durable nature ultimately gives them a longer life and offer excellent performance.

4. Flexible to design

Insulated metal panels are designed for the exterior, interior walls and roofs of commercial and residential buildings. These panels come in numerous profiles, colors and can be customized to provide aesthetically pleasing design for various buildings. These can be used in vertical as well as horizontal applications.

5. Fire resistant property

Fire emergencies can hit anytime. Insulated panels are good at withstanding high temperatures. With IMPs installed in the building, one can save themselves from getting hurt in a fire.

6. Environment friendly

With growing awareness, manufacturers have turned towards producing insulation panels that are made from recycled metals like steel. These panels are 100% recyclable and thus saving earth from further damage.

7. Low maintenance

Insulated panels are super easy to maintain and easier to repair. Also, they can be easily washed by soap and water.

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