Top 10 Continental Dishes you Must Have Once in Your Life

Posted by IamAsnhi on January 17th, 2019

If you are an ultimate foodie who loves to try different flavours of different cuisines from time to time, then you must be a fan of Continental Dishes. Not everyone is capable of experimenting with their food. However, the Continental dishes come with a wide range of food items and a menu that really can't be understood by everyone. If you have been looking for some inspiration for your weekend Continental meal, then we have compiled the list of top 10 Continental dishes you must taste at least once in your life. If you are thinking of ordering your meal online, then don't forget to use the amazing Foodpanda Offers so as to save some money as well.

So here we go with our distinguished list of top 10 Continental dishes that you must try once in your life.

#1 – Black Forest Cake:

Nothing can be compared with the sweetness and utterly delicious taste of a Black Forest Cake. Topped with cherries and creamy frosting that is decorated with the chocolate flakes; this sinful chocolate indulgence is admired all across the globe even including the people that don't know its name and its status as a continental dish. The Black Forest cake is believed to have German Origins. Had some major craving?? Browse the Foodpanda Offers and place that pocket-wise order right now!!

#2 - Chicken and Cheese Salad:

A tasty yet, healthy concoction of tender chicken breasts and cheese mixed with salt, pepper and a generous amount of Mayonnaise, the Chicken and Cheese Salad is full of proteins and is one of the most eaten Continental dishes across the globe. You can add any kind of salad ingredients and herbal spices to make it more compatible to your palette and as per your taste preferences. It is easy to make and can be ordered at almost every Continental restaurant.

#3 – Chicken Kiev:

If you are chicken person then the Chicken Kiev is one of the best dishes you can ever dig your teeth into. The dish has Ukrainian origins and is very tasty. To make the Chicken Kiev, the boneless chicken breast is first pounced and then rolled around the cold garlic butter. Then mixed Herbs are added to impart distinct flavours to the dish. It can be prepared with bread or baked or even fried and is one of the best tasting continental dishes.

#4 –Sunday Roast:

The next member of this tasty list is the Sunday Roast which is a traditional Irish and British meal. Traditionally the Sunday Roast was served on Sundays and consisted of everything good such as roasted mashed meat or roasted potatoes. The classic dishes with the Sunday Roast include vegetables, gravy, stuffing and Yorkshire pudding.

#5 – Open Sandwich:

If you are looking to have some really exotic and Continental breakfast then open sandwich could be the best option you can think of. The open sandwich is also known as an open face or tartine or bread baser. It consists of a single slice of thick bread with different types of toppings such as small potatoes, basil leaves, ham, cheese slices and sauce or simple salt and pepper.

#6 – Quiche:

Any list of the tastiest continental dishes will be incomplete without the delectable Quiche. A really tasty and delightful open-faced pastry crust which is spread with generous amount of cheese, savoury custard, seafood, meat, vegetables; the Quiche can be served hot as well as cold. Therefore, Quiche is one of those Continental dishes that can be enjoyed at the comfort of your home as well as amidst the wonderful setting of a famous Continental restaurant.

#7 – Pizza:

Yes, you might be surprised, but Pizza is a continental dish and that has admirers all over the globe from all age groups. Comprising of hand tossed bread base, topped with cheese and various toppings such as vegetables, corn, meats, herbal spices and any other kind that appeals to your taste preferences. Pizza is one Continental dish that is well known and the most loved by vegetarians as well as non vegetarians.

#8 – Stuffed Jacket Potatoes:

This dish consist of potatoes which are cut into halves and cooked with their skin on or off, stuffed with different vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings.

#9 – Roast Lamb Salad:

The lamb meat is roasted with different spices and oils; combined with various salad ingredients and mixed herbs.

#10 – Chicken Piccata with Bread Salad:

Another one for the Chicken Lovers, it’s a wonderful combination of bread and chicken that melts into your mouths with every single bite.

Well, the list is over; so why not put the Foodpanda Coupon code to some use and place an order right now!!

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