Top Qualities to Look for When Buying a Furnace

Posted by Nabin Shaw on January 17th, 2019

If your furnace is more than 15 years old, or your heating bill is steadily climbing, or it is not working anymore, it is time for this dependable heating system to retire. When it is time to install a new furnace Ajax in your home, you should spend some time researching on what system will work best for your needs. The Canadian winter is long and unforgiving; it is essential that you have a reliable and efficient furnace.

To help you find the right furnace for your needs, here are some tips and qualities to look for when choosing the right furnace.

Energy Efficiency

Your furnace is your source of heat to survive the winter in comfort. Therefore, one of your biggest concerns should be if this furnace Ajax could last and at the same time maximize its efficiency. In Canada, you should look for a heating system that has high annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratio. You can find this in the manufacturer’s specifications of the equipment. Most of the furnace being sold today has an efficiency of 98%. How do you equate this to your energy bill? This means that for a spent on the furnace operation, --content--.98 is spent on heat. The AFUE for natural gas heating systems is much higher than this though.

Maintenance Needs

Just like your car, the furnace Ajax will have maintenance requirements. When buying a new one look for the company that has a good track record of performance. Ask the agent about its maintenance requirements and compare. When you have this information, you will know what to look forward to once you have it installed in your home.

Your furnace will need new air filter two times a year. When you need preventive maintenance for your furnace, you should have a company in your speed dial to contact.  In Ajax, Elmridge Air Comfort offers not only installation of the new furnace but maintenance services too.  This has expert technicians who are knowledgeable and adequately skilled in making sure that the heat distribution is even around your house for your comfort.

Compute for the Annual Operating Cost

When we talk about the annual operating cost of the furnace Ajax, it encompasses many variables including the fuel cost, maintenance, air filters, and immediate repairs. These costs will add to the permits and inspections that are required before installation, the carbon monoxide detectors and the cleaning services for the air ducts. A good heating system is an investment, so you have to be careful not only in choosing the brand and specs but also the installer.

Elmridge Air Comfort offers expert furnace installation at very affordable prices. For them, there is no job too little or too big. No matter what your unit is, they will consider all the conditions around your house and take the necessary precautions so that you will not violate any regulations.

For servicing and repairs, you can trust them too as Elmridge Air Comfort is knowledgeable on the HVAC system and your reliable contractor in Ajax.

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