Learning through Arts ? An Afterschool Enrichment Program One Must Try

Posted by Alan Smith on January 18th, 2019

Art is an important subject for kids learning. Recently, a number of educational institutions have added arts to their curriculum for mental, physical and cognitive development of students at an early age. It enhances the sense of creativity and independence in child and helps him to reach his potentials. Art has a lot of positive effect on a child’s character and personality.

Introducing arts learning is really an important step towards a child’s overall development. However, an afterschool program followed curriculum based learning gives the more effective and fast result. You heard it right, an afterschool reading enrichment program can add new dimensions to kids learning ability and skill set.

After School Enrichment Program – Best Method to Learn Arts

An after school learning enrichment program is designed to improve the mental, physical and psychological development of the student. Basically, students fail to learn arts, drama, acting techniques and music at home, which often show improvement in developing the mental ability of the student. Afterschool program is a breakthrough for those students.

Improves motor skills – Many motor skills are improved in children when they learn acting, painting, role-play, singing and dancing through an afterschool reading enrichment program. The way they act, repeat dialogues, speak different languages and learn from role-playing reading help them to grow.

Boost language development – For young students, learning through acting gives them to learn a different language. When they act plays in different languages, it boosts their linguistic skills. Students are fluent to languages, learn new words, improve grammatical errors and remember them for a lifetime.

Visual learning – The afterschool reading enrichment program is formed by Reader’s Theater, an innovative organization aimed at the development of learning and teaching procedure. There are Playbook stories with role-play concept featuring character plays, with scripts in different color codes or courses on singing, drawing, art and culture. Students can act on the stories and learn from different roles. This improves the cognitive skills of the students.

Brings inventiveness – When kids are encouraged to express themselves through art and culture, they find a different perspective of their talent. They develop a sense of innovation that will be important in their adult lives. Art provides a pathway to character building, the more inventive they are the more creative they become. Learning through arts encourages and motivates to bring new changes.

Improves academic performances – According to studies, people who belong to creative backgrounds are better at academic performances too. A person who participates regularly in art conclaves is more productive and successful in science and mathematics. So, when a child is focused on learning arts, the academic performance will sharpen automatically.

Reader’s Theater is one such organization that provides a solution to all your reading and learning enrichment programs. There are special after school learning enrichment program for students involved in sustained theater and arts. Employing Reader’s Theater as part of your studies will keep your kids engaged, learning and having fun after a full day school.

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