The Need to Educate the Girl Child

Posted by pooja late on January 18th, 2019

It is pretty unbelievable that even in today’s age parents need to be convinced to let the girl child attend school. NGOs that work towards the education of the girl child have to go from door-to-door to convince them about the benefits of letting the girl child go to school.

Social evils like child marriage and female foeticide can also be prevented, if only the parents realized the need for education for the girl child. Girls are not a burden and with an education they are empowered to pursue the life that they could have only

dreamed about.

Sub H/L: Education of the Girl Child

Parents of the girl child need to be convinced about their education. It is not the parents fault either to think that the education of the girl child is unnecessary. We are all victims of victims, and we belong to a vicious cycle which genuinely believes that the girl chid will be of no help in the greater scheme of things. Most families pray for boys because they want the family name to live on, and because they do not want to part with the limited wealth that they have accumulated over the years. A daughter translates to accepting the fact they would be married one day and part of the family wealth will be given away as a gift to her in laws – the societal evil of practising dowry.

Even in 2019 we hear of stories where highly educated women have given up living their lives because they could not deal with the pressure of accumulating a dowry. So, imagine what a non-educated woman would have to face and the strain on her mental health, thanks to her being uneducated.

Education for the girl child ensures that the girl realizes her own worth. That she realizes that having a solid education equips her with the tools she would need to stand up for herself and fight against the world. The girl child should not be looked at as a bane but rather a blessing. She is supposed to be the sign of a good omen rather than one that brings about bad luck, especially if fables about Goddess are to be believed.

Sub H/L: Education for the Girl Child

NGOs in India that promote the education for the girl child have always reinforced the idea that the girl child should be given the equal opportunities like the boy child. They should not miss out on the experiences of life, just because they were born as, for lack of a better word, weaker sex. Women are in no way lesser than man. They are powerful and they have a voice. The education of the girl child makes sure that this voice that we have been fighting for, for the girl child does not go silent or is made to go silent.

The voice of the women comes from the education of the girl child. She will grow up to be a woman of substance and who knows what she wants. It is because we want to have a future generation filled with strong, powerful women that we work so hard towards educating the girl child today.

Author Bio: Richa D’Silva, an influencer and bookworm, in this article explores the reasons why education for the girl child is important in today’s day and age.

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