From place to place Maplestory 2 Mesos and

Posted by Maplestory2M on January 18th, 2019

From place to place Maplestory 2 Mesos and that will be super easy if you have access to air taxi which everybody gets through the narrative It's not unlimited tho, you can teleport around walnut world and complete the quests in a couple of moments FLAT. Finishing those quests can reward you with mesos chests which contains 1k mesos pouch, 5k,

10k, 50k, 100k, as well as 500k. Therefore, if you level a couple of alt accounts and do those quests on each and every character, you'll end up doing a lot of mesos. The goodside is the missions will not need that you have some spesific gear or any gear score, so it is a good consistent means to make your mesos.Next method is dungeon

farming, it is the ideal way right now to create mesos, you are able to do 10 times a day, 30 times every week from every character. Most dungeon that is recommended is Tronix bunker. It is a quick paced dungeon run you could finish in about 3-6 minutes with a fantastic staff composition.You're garunteed to receive your class's

equipment, you won't receive any other cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos course's equips so that is good. Not just you could also have dungeon chests that provides you onyx crystals along with other improvement MapleStory 2 items, that's important for later.Onyx crystals are being required by everyone, selling them should be easy, but... how can you even get

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