Understanding the difference between AR and FR clothing

Posted by tarasafefr on January 18th, 2019

If you are new to the world of FR clothing, you must have also heard the term AR clothing in relation to it. It is important that you learn about the difference between the two and not use these terms interchangeably. Learning about them is also going to help you make the right decision when you are looking to buy them. AR clothing stands for arc rated clothing and FR clothing is fire resistant clothing. All types of AR clothing items are FR or flame resistant but not all types of FR clothing are Arc Rated.

The arc rated clothing items can protect the employees from hazards caused by an electrical arc flash. The arc flash can be described as a violent release of energy and heat which is caused by an electrical arc. This is caused by an electrical fault which can happen in any of the following circumstances:

  • A person makes an accidental connection with the electrical systems
  • Improper work procedures
  • Conductive dust accumulates inside the electrical units
  • Tools drop into or onto the electrical units
  • Corrosion builds up inside the electrical wires and conduit

AR clothing can protect the workers from such critical hazards. These clothing items are designed, produced and tested for resisting ignition. Therefore anyone who is accidentally exposed to the arc flash only experiences minor burns and injuries when he wears such clothing.

FR clothing is designed for protecting the employees from all fire-related hazards such as flash fires, embers and flames. FR clothing items are not fire proof and they can ignite when they are exposed to fire. However, they are made from chemicals which can cut off the oxygen supply to the fir and self-extinguish the flames. These clothes do not continue burning once they are ignited.

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