How Tesla Revolutionized the Auto Transport Field

Posted by StevenHWicker on January 18th, 2019

When Tesla proposed the electric car idea, a few years ago, Elon Musk was clowned, embarrassed for thinking cars can really run off electricity. Now, this is idea is becoming a social norm that people are becoming used to. This is something that change how we look at cars forever. How is it wonderful, that we can look at a future without no gas in our cars. This isn’t where it stops. Tesla has now opened up the electric car to big wheeler trucks. Yes, I said it, a big wheeler truck. Sounds crazy right? Yup. This is something that Covered Auto Transport will probably seeing in the future. We need to look to the future as sooner than later, we will be stopping at electric station to charge our cars. Let Just Auto Transport tell you more about the new invention.

The Details

Tesla has now change the game with one of the safest, most comfortable trucks on the market. This is very interesting because we know anything Elon is behind, it is next level. The truck has a 20 sec 0-60 time when holding 80,000 pounds. It boasts a high safety system the truck has, a program called AutoPilot. AutoPilot is the usual safety system, but has way more features than there competitors. Listen to what Tesla has to say about it, “Enhanced Autopilot helps avoid collisions a centered driver position provides maximum visibility and control, and a low center of gravity offers rollover protection. Every driver is responsible for remaining alert and active when using Autopilot, and must be prepared to take action at any time.” As taken from their Cross country car transport, these semi-trucks have AutoPilot also. And the good features don’t stop their, these semi-trucks have the lowest cost of ownership according to Tesla. The regular truck runs on diesel, but Tesla says electric energy costs are half of diesel. That’s 0,000+ in fuel savings and also a two-year payback period. This is something that I know people who want to save money want and need to hear. Tesla has been future-forward with every invention possible. It is amazing how these ideas and designs are being implemented in the car every time another series comes out ! Honestly, this semi-truck seems to be a part of the collections of cars and bikes and automobiles in the future for Tesla. I support this semi-truck wholeheartedly.

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