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Posted by VDO Communications on January 18th, 2019

Gone are the days when it was quite difficult to bring a group of people together for telephonic conversation. Conference phones are manufactured to enable individuals or a group of people to interact with one another without any hassle. They are a wonderful and innovative device that quickly becoming important in any type of organization. They provide reliable sound quality for everyone who is involved in the conversation. There are different types of conference phones available and each of them has different design features and performance.

Top 5 Features of Wireless Conference Phones

Multiple features: These phones are designed to include standard features like call transfer, mute, redial and hold, and have the ability to adjust the sound settings. One of the best features is sound clarity. They also minimize echoes and excess noise inside the boardroom. With the help of wireless conference phones, you can have a free-flowing conversation without any risk of dropouts. They have great flexibility for all participants.

Location: These phones are designed to work with different sized rooms. It is important to match the phone to the available space. An office with a coverage area of 5 to 7 feet can use this phone and experience a clear and crisp sound.

VoIP Functionality: VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. There are a number of wireless conference phones like Konftel 300wx with analog DECT base station available in the market that supports VoIP technology. They have the ability to provide messaging and video functionality. In addition to this, the phone with internet connectivity makes a lot of things easier for participants by providing webinar services and video conferencing.

Bluetooth Connectivity: These phones allow participants to connect and share data using their own digital devices. They also support USB sockets that help to connect to Internet VoIP networks.

Interference-Resistant: These phones have the ability to resist all types of radio as well as electrical interference. It can block signal noises that make them suitable for the office environment.

Some of the additional features are HD sound quality, SD card recorder capability, a DECT base for IP and analog environment, and added expansion for microphones. They are ideal for businesses, Cisco Jabber, and web meeting services. Investing in these devices is highly beneficial for the growth of the business.

When it comes to buying wireless conference phones like Konftel 300wx with analog DECT base station, simply go online and find the right online store. Many online stores bring a huge collection of wireless headsets at great prices. Before buying, it is always beneficial to compare the Konftel 300Wx with analog DECT base price and grab the best deal. Find the right wireless conference phone for your business and improve the workflow fairly and quickly.

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