What Does Iridology Say About Your Holistic Health

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According to the science of Iridology and the practitioners of this alternative modality, the different colors, patterns, and markings of the iris can be checked in order to assess information about an individual’s current health conditions and their genetic pre-dispositions.

Some practitioners of comprehensive and holistic iridology in British Columbia consider that the iris of the eye has a lot to reveal about the emotional, physical, mental as well as spiritual health of a person. This practice is also considered to be a useful tool in terms of evaluating the certain healing process of the body through iris analysis.

According to an expert Iridologist on Vancouver Island, the foundation of iridology includes the following:

  •          The iris is considered as an extension of the brain, comprising of thousands of nerve endings. Thus, each organ connects to the iris through the nervous system.
  •          The physical appearance of the iris including its pattern and color is a manifestation of the health of each organ.
  •          The left and the right iris of the human eye maps to the respective side of organs or functional system of a human body.

What Does the Change in Iris Color say?

The changes in the appearance or the color of the iris can reveal potential holistic health issues of the body. For instance, brown pigmentations in any color of the iris, may indicate a weakness in the digestive system, gallbladder and/or issues in the liver. White markings seen within any color iris may present signs of inflammation and mucous build up in the tissues. All colors seen in the eyes have a specific meaning and correlation to certain organs and systems. Apart from the iris’ color, there are many signs in the iris that with a professional Iridology assessment can be seen and interpreted to know more about your holistic health.

What Does Iridology Say About Your Holistic Health?

Here are just a few markings that can be assessed, yet it is not seen in everyone:

  •          Pupil Reflex:

The non-contraction of the pupil when it is exposed to the bright light might signal dull reflexes, weaker adrenal glands or overstimulated nervous system.

  •          Contraction Furrows:

Arcs or circles of white color might appear on the outer part of the iris, such appearance signals an irritation or hypersensitivity caused in the nervous system.

  •          White outer ring:

A white and a thick ring appearing on the outer parts of the iris called a corneal arcus, is usually a sign of the buildup of inorganic salts, mainly calcium.

  •          Dark outer ring:

A dark ring appearing on the outer part of the iris known as a scurf rim is indicative of the skin area of the body. The darker and thicker the ring, the more toxic buildup may have developed, indicating a weakness in the kidney area.

We are more than just our physical bodies; therefore we must approach health and well-being from a holistic perspective in order to heal on the deepest levels. So, if you consider getting an iris assessment, it is best to see your nearest practitioner of holistic health on Vancouver Island or book an appointment online.

Thus, comprehensive and holistic iridology helps in assessment from a whole body viewpoint. Correlating everything that is seen in the iris with your body’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being is a holistic path to getting to the root causes of health issues.

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