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Posted by Drida Infotech on January 20th, 2019

Hacking is getting common these days and if you are not able to login into your Yahoo account, you might be the victim of the same. In such cases, first thing you should do is CHANGE YAHOO PASSWORD and regain access to your account then update all your security info. If you are not sure how to CHANGE YAHOO PASSWORD, you can call our dedicated helpline +61 261003579 and our technicians will check your Yahoo account and help you to recover it. Call Yahoo support now to CHANGE YAHOO PASSWORD.

Yahoo Two Step Verification

If you are locked out from your yahoo account and now you are being asked to enter the yahoo account key sent to the yahoo mail app on your phone which you do not have. Or, you see an old mobile number linked to your yahoo account and you are not able to get the verification code sent to that number. If that is the case, that means you have two step verification turned on for your yahoo account and that is working against your favour now. First, we need to understand how two step verification works and what you need to enable it on your account at first place. In order to set up two step verification on your yahoo account, you need to link your mobile number and recovery email address and download the yahoo mail app on your phone and configure your emails on that. Once everything is done, then you need to enable yahoo push key notification under account settings in yahoo webmail and then enable two step verification. Once you enable two step verification, a text message will be sent on your mobile with a yahoo account key followed by another yahoo account key which will be sent to your yahoo mail app on your phone. Once you have successfully enabled two step verification on your yahoo account since then if you try to log in into your yahoo emails on any new device or from a new ip address, you will have to verify your account by receiving a yahoo account verification key on your mobile as text message or in the yahoo mail app. Now, there can be a situation where you lost your phone and you do not have access to your sim card to receive the text message and you can`t access your yahoo mail app as well where you can receive an account key. So, in that case if you get a new phone and try to set up your yahoo mails on that, first, it is going to send a text message to your old number which you do not have and neither you can get the account key from the yahoo mail app as it was set up on your old phone which is lost now. So, technically, even after knowing your yahoo password, you can`t login into your yahoo account now on any new devices because that two-step verification which you enabled in the name of security is working against your favour now. Therefore, we never recommend enabling two step verification on any email account, not until you speak with a technician at least.

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