Different Guitar Neck Types

Posted by Solomusicgear on January 20th, 2019

Different guitars have different neck types. The neck profile of the guitar refers to the back of the neck and is often used as the back shape as well.

The type of Double Neck Guitar Bodies Kit does not affect the way the guitar sounds. However, the type of neck affects the way the guitar is played.

There are different guitar necks and each of them is good for whatever type of music you love playing. It is a matter of playing comfort and preference that you make the choice of the guitar based on its neck profile.

The Various Guitar Necks

The most popular of the neck types are the C, U and V shaped guitar necks. There can be variations in each of these.

The shape of these letters is what the back of the guitars look like in cross section. There can be varying depths of these shapes and that is the reason, they can be called as “deep U shape” or “thick C shape”.

C Shaped Guitar Neck

The commonest of the guitar necks is the C-shaped neck. These guitar Neck-through have an oval profile and are suitable for all playing styles. The U and V shaped guitar neck profiles are deeper than the C shaped profile.

The traditional C shape is now taking a new shape. Many Fender guitars have the flat oval or modern C shape. You can also call it the flattened version of the original C shape.

U Shaped Neck

The U shape guitar necks are rounded and chunky having high shoulders. The deep U shaped necks are ideal for guitar players that have large hands or for those that find it more comfortable to have their thumb on the side or back of the neck.

V shaped Neck

The V shaped neck profiles can be of two types; pointed hard V and a rounded soft V. these are the popular neck types that can be found in most guitars especially those that are old and come for refurbishment.

The guitar necks are further subdivided in each of the categories mentioned based on the year they were designed. For e.g. ‘61 C shape, ‘50s V shape or the ‘70s C shape.

Each of these neck types is liked by different guitarists and you can find the ideal one that suits your playing style.

Choosing the Guitar

When looking for the best Guitar Machine Heads, it is not just the guitar necks that hold importance as there are some other aspects to look into.

The pickups and amps of guitars are the most important parts and they need to be checked out carefully before you pick a guitar.

Choose a guitar company that is reputed and experienced as it will be able to provide you the required choices of guitars to you.

Price is a determining factor when it comes to choosing the right guitar as there can be some very expensive guitars. What matters more is your playing style and preference. Therefore, choose your guitar carefully.

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