Let?s Understand The Concepts Of Sustainability

Posted by IIFM on January 21st, 2019

Since our communities are tightly blended with certain elements such as social, economic, and environmental systems, that is why it is essential to keep them in a perfect balance. It will be helpful to have a sustainable future because when they are in perfect harmony they will function properly.  Indeed, a healthy, balanced society is one that can endure into the future; in other words, sustainability brings better future. There are various principles of sustainability that helps to understand it in more details, such as -

  • Maintain & improve quality of life – Of course, it varies from community to community and often involves multiple components such as income, education, health care, housing, etc. it also means perfect balance of clean and safe streets, quality education, and rural atmosphere, etc. All these elements are essential to create better present and future.
  • Enhance local economic vitality - A better and sound economy is the backbone of sustainability. It includes job opportunities, sufficient tax system and the provision of infrastructure and services.  However, it must be noted that a sustainable economy is also diversified, so that it is not easily disrupted by internal or external events.
  • Promote social and intergenerational equity - A sustainable community’s resources are available to everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, age, gender, cultural background, religion, etc. however, it also means that natural resources should not be destroyed. 
  • Maintain & improve the quality of the environment - A sustainable community tries to find ways to co-exist with the environment. It also means avoiding unnecessary degradation of the air, oceans, fresh water, and other natural elements. In other word, it is all about the replacement of dangerous practices that degrade natural environment.
  • Incorporate disaster resilience – Our earth is prone to hurricanes, disasters, earthquakes, floods, and drought; that is why, it is essential to make sure that they do not damage to the community and keep the quality of life intact. We should have a disaster-resilient community that work to mitigate the risk.
  • Use a consensus-building - Participatory processes are essential to community sustainability. Such type of process engages all the people who have a stake in the outcome of the decision.  It also means the determination of concerns/ issues, and promotes the wide generation of ideas.

Today, more and more students and professionals are choosing courses in order to address the issues of concerns of sustainability. Institutes are also offering quality courses to assist individuals. These courses are specialized and provide a better understanding of the issues. One of the institutes that are offering such course is IIFM. IIFM PGDSM course isperfect for professionals who want to change society and make a better future.  

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