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Posted by AG Ganguly on January 21st, 2019

In any business, obtaining a loan may often turn out to be a bare necessity. The reason is that the entrepreneur and his enterprise do not have the financial resources to meet all the expenses to be incurred in the project. It could be for procurement of real estate properties or for keeping the supply chain in the enterprise alive or even to meet the growing overheads during the initial stages of running the institute. With his immense experience and knowledge, AG Ganguly, one of the best consultants in the industry sheds lights on the usefulness of good loans for the enterprises as well as the adverse impacts put by bad loans.

AG Ganguly Emphasizes Choosing the Right Lender


According to AG Ganguly, choosing the right lender extending loans is mandatory for any enterprise. The first task is to locate a genuine lender who would deal with the borrower in an ethical and transparent manner. It does not matter how big the name of the lender in the market is. Rather it is essential that he is transparent and lends out money with borrower-friendly terms and conditions. For instance; big money lending houses often charge penal interests when a borrower becomes defaulter even unintentionally. On the other hand, there are also lenders that allow relaxation for a situation beyond the control of the borrower. That is why AG Ganguly advises his clients to check for the terms and conditions of loan advanced by the lender and to read the fine prints so as to escape any unpleasant surprises at the end of it.

AG Ganguly Helps in Research and Homework


All these mean that the intending borrower should carry out research and homework on lenders to reach the right one by comparing them. It needs checking the market reputation of the lenders shortlisted and to go through their reviews and feedbacks by earlier customers. People with less experience may find the task quite daunting in nature. That is exactly where AG Ganguly and the ABC Associates founded by him step in providing all help, support, and guidance in the research and homework. He maintains a database of investors, lenders, and financiers and details about their recent activities. He also maintains a detailed record of litigations and related court rulings. In result, the selection made is litigation-free and authenticated and the client will never experience any unpleasant experience at the end of it.

AG Ganguly puts Importance on Right Type of Loan for Your Business


Loans may be available in plenty but all of them may not be suitable for your enterprise. That is why the leading consultant AG Ganguly puts importance on the client enterprise getting the right type of loan befitting one’s purpose. The amount should be adequate covering the necessities and the period of repayment and interests charged should not bleed the borrower financially white.  

Once again; such selection needs expert and professional handling as it might not be the cup of tea for an inexperienced entrepreneur or executive. Clients of AG Ganguly can rest in peace knowing the task is entrusted to safe hands.

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