Here?s Why ASP.NET Development Is The Go-to Option For Enterprises

Posted by Alvaro Dee on January 22nd, 2019

With businesses expanding their horizons all over the world, apps have grown to become more of a necessity, because it is only with apps that businesses are now able to monitor and manage everyday activities and even fix problems with ease. Apart from that, businesses get to cater to a huge range of needs, thanks to the robustness, security, stability, and efficiency these apps bring to the table. One such framework that can help you in developing enterprise level web apps with all the aforementioned qualities is ASP.NET by Microsoft. The framework is highly popular among businesses, which does not comes across as a surprise since more than 27,652,058 websites are currently using ASP. NET.

ASP.NET not only lets you build high-end applications with the desired features but also enables you to cut down on costs, unlike some of the other frameworks that come with limited functionality at higher costs. In terms of flexibility too, this framework lets you develop apps in languages other than just scripting languages, C#, VB, J#, to name a few.

Here are some more reasons why many of the enterprises including software development companies have already gone for ASP application development, and so should you:

  1. Improved performance

Working with the ASP.NET framework is not only easy, but it is a gateway to enhanced performance. This is because it automatically optimizes your code at the time of re-compilation. You, then, don’t need to make changes to your code in order to optimize it yourself. This leads to better performance. To add to it, a lot of new enhancements and updates are released that significantly raise the performance of the apps built via this framework.

  1. Easy maintenance

Coding with ASP.NET is quite easy since it requires minimum lines of code. And a lesser number of code statements means that it is easy to maintain and understand. If you wish to enhance the level of maintenance, it is recommended that you keep tabs on the latest changes and updates made to the programming language.

  1. Cross-platform support

One of the primary requirements of an enterprise is that its business apps should be platform independent, which is exactly what is supported by ASP.NET application development. Being a cross-platform framework, it ensures that the apps run smoothly, regardless of the platform being used. Some of the main operating systems it supports are Windows, Mac, and Linux, among others. This not only lets businesses save up on extra costs and effort, but it also helps them in gaining better exposure on multiple platforms.

  1. Cloud app development support

With more and more businesses moving to the cloud to develop apps with higher functionality, it has become necessary for a framework to let the developers take advantage of cloud app development. ASP.NET not only lets you do exactly that but also makes it possible for you to get the most out of mobile back-end and IoT apps.

  1. Command line application

The ASP.NET framework comes with command line support for all the platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc., letting businesses execute and host multiple applications.

ASP.NET can be an ideal framework to develop enterprise applications. The service-oriented architecture of this framework lets businesses come up with highly secure and reliable applications. Along with providing affordable solutions and cross-platform support, it is noteworthy how this application development technology can significantly help you scale your business up to higher levels.

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