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Posted by mmogonba2017 on January 21st, 2019

Music alongside Fishing is a great way of gaining experience. Catch a couple of auto vouchers and go afk. Joining any Mini game will work, my personal favorite is your Quiz since you gain around 500k experience per question (and they are not arbitrary win/lose like some other mini games), that is really nice and it adds up to plenty of expertise if you figure out how to answer all of them correctly.

Often underrated, life skills will give you a few (although not a lot) of expertise, do them in case you've finished  poe currency buy  everything else that we covered in this Maplestory 2 Leveling Guide.Every day you are able to find a certain amount of experience from placing furniture down in your House. The best and fastest way of gaining exp this means is to pick up and place down the same item over and over again until you notice there's not any experience gained .

World Bosses are extremely hard and tanky creatures that require 10 or more players in order to kill them"quick" enough. Every one of them spawns on a program which you can view below, and there's always a notification when they do.World bosses (flat 50 ones) now give you approximately 15% experience per kill that makes them the fastest way to reach level 60 now compared to the other ways that we noted in this Maplestory 2 Leveling Guide. 50 the first result tab, in the search bar should be Boss Monsters.

When you use taxi to get there and find you just click on it. Joining a celebration is favorable as you'll have an easier time locating these World bosses in a group.Do notice that when a World boss uttered in a map, it spawns on all the channels, so in theory you can kill up to 30 World bosses per spawn on  POE RMT a map (if there is not many gamers online) by simply switching the station after each kill-- hovering over the supervisor icon will show you the stations he's still residing in.

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