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Posted by Kunal Kapur on January 22nd, 2019

Egg dishes are extremely easy to make and an all time favourite for all. There is hardly anyone out who has a problem with anything egg-y. Barring the ones who are allergic to eggs, everyone out there have eggs and egg dishes at among the top priorities. So the different ways to cook eggs would include -

  • Hard boiled – This is the most common way to cook eggs. You do so by cooking the egg in its shell and in boiling water. This way the egg remains has a ‘hard’ consistency in terms of the egg white as well as the egg yolk. One can have these hard boiled eggs as a whole or in salads and sandwiches.
  • Soft boiled – Here you cook the eggs similar as before but in half the duration. This helps to make the egg white hard but the yolk is not. It remains runny or ‘soft’. Some also call it the “6 minute egg”. Soft boiled eggs can be eaten in egg cups. One also finds their existence on breads and in soups.
  • Scrambled – This is probably apparently, the most easily prepared egg. But more often than not people make mistakes making scrambled eggs. The logic here is to break down the the egg white and egg yolk and then mix them together by agitating them on a pan. There are two ways to make scrambled eggs – hard and soft. The latter takes less time and is called ‘wet scrambled eggs’. Both can be used as filling or consumed with eggs.
  • Omelette and Frittatas – For these the egg white and the egg yolk are spread as a sheet and then folded and served.
  • Sunny Side Up – Here, the egg is cracked, and put into the frying pan and fried until the edges turn brown. The yolk should ideally remain soft for this. One may also call it the ‘dipping eggs’.
  • Over Easy – This is similar to the previous type but the yolk does not show and it is runny instead of soft, i.e. when cut, the yolk simply oozes out from within.

So prepare eggs without a worry in the world. Each of these preparations are usually accompanied by the use of oil or some kind of an unhealthy fat. So instead of that, try cooking eggs with Nutralite. This is a table spread that comes with nutrients instead of harmfulness for health. This comes with 0% bad cholesterol, 0 trans fats, 0 carbs.

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