Toronto Pool Supplies Shows First pool chlorinegenerator to Remove Cells Cleanings and pH Rise

Posted by John Smith on January 22nd, 2019

Technology Changes Opposite Polarity Operate and Triumphs over Key Hurdles of Salt Systems Today at this year's Q4 Meeting, Toronto Pool Supplies declared the April 2019 rollout of the Nexa Genuine program with pH Clear.  This new technological innovation turns the marketplace on its head by reducing the need for treating polarity, personally acidcleaning tissues, or personally including acid to the pool.  It also allows the release of the first 12,000-hour self-cleaning cell.

Pentair Chlorine Generator, or salt techniques, have become very popular in the pool industry, but they have restrictions.  All Pentair Aboveground Salt Generator increase pH stages in the pool and the tissues need to be washed regularly.  Even modern “self-cleaning” techniques that reverse polarity need to be personally examined and washed with an acid remedy every one to three months, based on the manufacturer’s suggestions.  In areas with calcium in water, “self-cleaning” techniques often need to be personally washed weekly.  Property owners are forced to personally add acid to the pool to keep the pH stages down and acid fresh the cell in a pail to keep it clean and functional with Pool Dechlorination Tablets.  Generator s have played around with treating polarity more often in an effort to minimize this problem, but this significantly decreases the life expectancy of the tissues.

Nearly four years ago, Toronto Pool Supplies set out to resolve these problems by automating the acid fresh and pH reducing procedures.  Under tight privacy, Toronto Pool Supplies has been making and patenting separated cell-wash technological innovation that removes the need to personally fresh tissues or add acid to the pool.  The program works by identifying water inside the cell, then gradually infusing a small calculated amount of acid into the separated water.  The pH stage within the cell falls to a stage low enough to melt all enzymes that may have built up in that day’s work.  After cleaning is complete, the low-pH remedy is purged back into the pool, which a little bit decreases the pH stage within the pool.  The Swimming Pool Dechlorination Chemicals also infuses extra acid into the pool throughout a few days to ensure pH stages remain balanced. 
Eliminating the opposite polarity features expands the cell lifestyle and allows the use of a unique “X” cell covering ingredients that improves cell lifestyle by 50%.  The “X” cell comes with a 12,000-time assurance instead of the 8,000-time assurance typically found in the marketplace.  “

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