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Posted by harryjoy on January 23rd, 2019

History unravels in mysterious ways. The stonemasons that have influenced our structures and turned them into concrete megastructures, started from the fraternities of such assiduous workers. These masters of medieval crafts have learned a lot from their forefathers and furthermore applied in modern-day America and the global panorama. There are three levels of being a Freemason of repute called Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Mason. The basic, local and organisational unit of a Freemasonry fraternity is a Masonic Lodge. They are highly prevalent in the world as "regular" or "mainstream" lodges, many are in Boston known as Grand Lodges. There was a time when these meetings were highly secret. In fact, the lecture on morality and enlightenment are highly reserved for loyal members who need to purchase books. You may be intrigued by this subject for further expertise as Benjamin Franklin and George Washington were famous Freemasons and, if in case, you are new to this then online Masonic books for freemasonry will be helpful.

Look Out For The Freemason Handshake

There were plenty of formalities at one point in time. All the forms of respect and niceties were highly clandestine. These were an electrifying shake and signature knocks for entering places meant for such fraternity meetings. A Freemason may often host charitable events, social gatherings and payment of bills. Certain rituals would take place, which was of some Masonic degree. The term Masonic degree describes the symbolism of every Freemason ritual. Even the presence of a Freemason manual in the lodge has been documented in works of literature which include works by Tolstoy and Rudyard Kipling. These rituals were primarily secretive and prudent. Allegorical as these rituals may be the symbolism does not escape the Freemason expert who refrains from repose and studies paintings, art and architecture to understand what influenced the beauty of Gothic, Moorish and Gaelic architecture.

The Ideals Of Societal Change

The ideals of the French revolution which propose, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" are discussed and taught with proper tribute. Freemasonry is a belief to respect Fortitude, Prudence, Temperance, and Justice that are often the cornerstone of important movements such as the American Civil War or The Independence Movement. You will find all of this when you go through Masonic books found in shops online. Architecture is the cornerstone of this fraternity and the second most senior Grand Lodge has primordial Gaelic architecture, making it the oldest lodge in existence.

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