Kids Winter Wear Collection ? Dos and Donts

Posted by Taniya on January 23rd, 2019

Snowball fights, building forts and a snowman and sleighing are great ways for kids to get their winter exercise and fun.

For all those folks out there, it is important that you get the kids winter wear collection right in order to protect their fragile and young bodies from severe issues such as frostbite and hypothermia.

The Steps for Choosing your Kid’s Winter Wear

Getting the dressing right for your kids can be overwhelming and stressful, but you need not worry. Follow these guidelines and you are good to go.

Multiple layers and the right fabrics

It is important to get these right in order for Jack to not have a dull winter. The winter wear collection for kids should at least contain three layers:

Base – rids the moisture

Middle – insulates warmth

Top – offers warmth, moisture and wind protection

According to the American Pediatrics Association, kids dressing should have one more layer as compared to an adult in the same conditions.

In terms of fabrics, when scouring the Internet for latest winter wear collection for kids, it is recommended that you look for wool and synthetic materials, particularly for base layers, undergarments and socks. Acrylic, Polyester, Wool and Polypropylene and thermal undergarments are ideal for your shopping carts pertaining to online winter wear collection for kids.

For the middle layer, a warm long sleeve shirt or sweater is ideal. For the leggings, light sweatpants or other thin, stretchy and comfortable pants are apt. Often forgone due to the belief that legs are kept warm by movement, the mid-layer for legs should be chosen with care and discretion.

Note: When dressing your loved ones for the winter, avoid denim jeans or other heavy materials for the leggings as these absorb water easily and take longer to dry.

Get waterproof outerwear

The snowball fights can make your kids feel wet and windy, and it is important to look out for a waterproof outerwear that keeps moisture away.

An important tip to keep in mind for online winter wear collection for kids is to look out for coats that are snow-compliant, wind resistant and water repellent. The coats should be long and stretch beyond the waist, have high necks and hoods. 

The coat should also have sufficient ventilation in order to rid sweat from inner layers. You should also ensure that the zippers are comfortable for your kids to handle. 

You can also consider looking at coats that have velcros instead of zippers.

Final Thoughts

Follow the aforementioned guidelines regarding kids winter wear collection

and make the winter a playful and an enjoyable one for your kids.

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