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10 exciting features of educational mobile app that enhance learning process

Posted by sonalmehta on January 23rd, 2019

Education is important

Like water and food needed for survival, today education too is needed for survival too. Education does not mean only about going to an institution or a school to study, learn and gain knowledge. Education can be achieved by tutorial classes or web or mobile applications too. With the changing and evolving world, learning has become more and more digital than it was ever before. There are many educational app development companies today that are dedicated to build on demand tutor app. On demand tutor app development is in demand today because everyone in the world is realizing the various possibilities in learning opportunities around them.

Education through mobile apps help the users to learn and be economical in nature, increase their vocational abilities, develop skills to think outside the box. These education apps also help the users to become social in nature by exposing them to different environments and cultures. Education must always teach everyone about how to make a living and how to live. If an education does not fulfill this, then it is not a good education.

Food fulfills the physical desire and education fulfills the mental desire

Every on-demand tutor app development focuses on building mobile apps that satisfy the knowledgeable need of every user. Each mobile app has its own features which are liked and disliked by the user depending upon their preference. The following are some of the interesting features of educational mobile apps that improve and enhance the learning skills.

Graphic user interface (GUI)

The more attractive a mobile application is, the better interest the user shows towards using the application. When the graphics of an application is attractive and stunning, it also urges the user to come back to the application. This feature will keep the users occupied while using the app and will also make them come back to explore other features.

Having a good GUI also has the ability to change the moods of a user from bad to good, good to soothing. It keeps the user focused and this will help the user to study with interest and a drive.

Exposure to new knowledge

The application must not stick only to what its mission or goal is. The education app must expose the user to various other interesting knowledge in the form of information or tasks or activity related to the mission and goals it has set. This will keep the users occupied and also cultivate an interest in them towards learning.

Activities that encourage critical thinking, analyzing will make the user better by making them think analytically. Also, make sure to reward the users for their extra efforts in a way you seem sufficient. These rewards, may be access to premium courses for a limited period of time or extra score points, or offers and discounts in membership, etc.


Make sure to make the content relevant and as interesting as possible. Only then the users will feel the connectivity between the content they read and learn. Provide them the connecting dots between each skill or knowledge they gain through your application. Give them real time application of what they are learning and also provide possible opportunities for the user to work on a do it yourself (DIY) project too. The term to use is, make your content as eye-catching as possible.

Better the content, better the understanding the user will get while learning. If the understanding is better, better efficient and reach your application will attain.

Interactive features

When your application is focused on learning for kids below the age of 12, your content will be much liked by the kids if they are able to see attractive features. These features include making the colors as vibrant as possible, displaying funny cartoons or superheroes, etc. Relate your app content with the cartoon or superhero characters. This way the kids will be able to relate themselves to the character and will have the desire to learn more and become like those cool cartoons or superheroes.

Kids and some users will not have the necessary patience to go through everything. So, try to make your first impression the best impression with attractive content and features.

Navigation through the application

The user might be well educated or a new aspirer to learn. You have to make sure that either way, your app will by itself guide the user through the app and its features like a tour. Develop and build an in-built tour guide for the learning application such that once the user installs the app, they will get access to the guide. This will help them understand the important features, how the app works and how it will help them learn.

The user must not feel the application is complicated to understand. The content, interface and features must all be easily understandable. Keep it simply and display only what is necessary. Try to avoid a cluster of anything.


Provide supportive links to video channels or self-uploaded videos by your application that will help the user to learn better from the theory displayed in the app. Being the best learning app also means providing the right teaching method that will help the user to learn without any doubts. The tutorial support you provide in the app must clarify all doubts that the users come up with. You can also provide a live tutorial session from time to time, where real time people working on the subject will clarify the doubts of the user. This will instantly solve the issue of the misunderstanding the user might face while learning. This feature will also make the user feel like you value their skill enhancement.

This will also increase the rating and review of your learning application.

Practice activities and tests

With the learning content you provide, at the end of each lesson or chapter, also provide an activity which the user has to perform and submit it back to you. This works like a classroom but in a digitized and much better interactive manner. So, while developing the app you need to consider various alternative as to how the user will upload their work. It may be through cloud or online classroom web sessions, etc. Thus, through this the feeling of classroom disappears. The activity can be like a project or research or exercises, etc. what matters is making the activity as enriching and occupying as possible.

At end each of each lesson or chapter or subject chosen, provide a test that questions the learnt knowledge of the user. Evaluate their results as to how far they have understood and learnt. Provide feedback with areas of improvement, suggestions, ideas which can help the user to get better experienced in what has been learnt.

Integrate with social media

Every kid, every teen, even adults today are crazed about social media. Most of them want to be seen or recognized for their talents and skills. They love posting information about what they do, why they do, what they have done and what they are going to do. If your application is integrated with different social media platform, this will definitely attract the user. Provide the user with possibilities to make a post of their learnt skill or achievements made through the app on social media platforms. In a way this also encourages the user to learn more and do more.

This is considered to be one of the motivating factors that make students and kids study a little more today than what they already studied yesterday. Make the posts as attractive as possible with catchy phrases, eye-catching logos, etc. This will also give a sense of accomplishment in the eyes of the student or kid or user.

Learn through gaming

You can make your learning application beat the competition if you develop a learning application that allows the user to learn through games. This also provides a unique selling proposition (USP) to your mobile app. Gaming is known for its creativity and imagination among everyone in the world. Learning and education has to make an individual creative and imaginative too. It must make the user think outside the box and make them move out of their comfort zone.

Any content you provide, you can develop it in the form of a gaming interface which would the users to challenge their thinking ability. When they find the solution, it makes them motivated to breakdown further another challenge. Also, provide clues because you do not want to frustrate your user by making the challenge as hard as possible. The notion here is to give the user a sense of facing a challenge and a sense of solving those challenges. This is one the best ways to inspire and motivate all kinds of users to learn.

It is important to note that the gaming interface can be a puzzle, or a quiz or strategy or multiplayer, etc. The mode of game must match the relevance of the content provided and must be exaggerating for the user. Also, make sure to develop the learning game with attractive graphic user interface (GUI).

Learning is a journey and not a destination


Everyone can learn anything but maybe not everything. Try to provide as much as content as possible, but keep it relevant. Keep your learning app updated with the evolving technology, evolving knowledge of the world with new inventions being made every day. Your application is a journey to your business achieving your vision and mission. Make sure that the user also feels like being a part of that journey and make sure that they grow along with the growth of your learning app. Good luck, go save the world and make it a better place.

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