Hire Immigration Consultancy and Get EEA Family Permit

Posted by loreen on January 23rd, 2019

If you want to be a permanent resident in UK, then you should apply for the permanent residency status. Not everyone can apply to the EEA Permanent Residency. The individual that wants to apply to the permanent residency status should fulfill some requirements like, the applicant should be the EEA national or should belong to the family member of the EEA national, EEA nation should be exercising her or his treaty rights and more. It is better to hire the immigration consultancy to help you in the process of getting EEA permit.

If you have decided to get the permanent residency status, then you need to make sure to hire the immigration consultancy. The immigration consultancy is the legal representative of an immigrant that wants to stay in the country. No matter, what are your reasons for wanting to stay in a particular country, but the immigration consultancy can help you get your permanent residency status sooner than ever. It is needless to mention that, the permanent residency status process and its rules will be changing from time to time. The immigration consultancy is the one who is updated always with the new rules and changes.

It is not that easy to complete the requirements of the legal citizenship process and for this reason, you could able to find many illegal entries in the country. If you hire the immigration consultancy, you can get your permanent residency status with no any hassles. At times, staying as an illegal entry seems easy and good, but the illegal entries would never get the advantages and rights that are eligible to the legal entries. It does not make any sense to live in a country that you call home for your earnings and studies without the legal citizenship. Hire the immigration consultancy and get your permanent residency status.

You can apply to the EEA Family Permit UK, if you want to enter into the UK as a family member of an EEA national. For applying to the family permit, you should possess the retained right of residence. That is, you can stay in UK as a family member of EEA national, who has died or left the UK or no longer your partner. Another thing that an applicant that is applying to the family permit should have is the derivative right of residence. You should be a family member of a person that possesses the right to be in the UK.

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