Forgotten offline marketing tactics that still work today

Posted by Cynthia Madison on January 23rd, 2019

There is no denying the fact that we live in the digital age, but that does not mean that it is a good idea to focus on only one ingredient of the mixture. The smart thing to do is to concentrate on several marketing channels. Advertising is a must for your business, as this activity helps draw customers and, ultimately, sell goods and services. Rather than spending all your money on online marketing, you should better reach out to customers via offline media channels. In this saturated marketplace, just about everyone is struggling to get hold of the attention of customers and concentrate all their efforts on Internet marketing. Do not make the same mistake. In spite of the phenomenal spread of the World Wide Web, digital marketing does not offer the desired results.

Not only is offline marketing beneficial, but also relevant. You can control every aspect of the campaign that you are currently running and get a high return on the investment. It is not all about the Internet, just so you know. Businesses are successful when they are able to offer the best products and services and teach consumers why they should choose them. Do you want to be successful? What a question. Of course, you do. Browse this interesting article and learn what the most effective offline marketing tactics are.


It is impossible not to agree with the fact that Facebook has become a little bit exhausting. Many users delete their accounts and do not even regret it. But why? Well, it has something to do with all the ads that keep popping up. People who use Facebook say that the ads are too intrusive, creepy even, at times. As you can see, digital advertising does not have the best reputation. You are better off handing out leaflets. Speaking of which, distributing leaflets is one of the most effective ways in which you can promote your offerings. The paper can be used as invitations to promotional events or as information-givers. Leaflets are anything but outdated.

Contrary to popular opinion, consumers like handouts. As a matter of fact, they love receiving things, even if it is just a piece of paper. Leaflets are attractive from a visual standpoint, not to say that the advertisements feature essential information about your business. When drafting the marketing copy, take into consideration the target market and think about making the message easy to understand. You will have gained nothing if people are not able to read through the text. No matter if you are selling a product or a service, insist on the benefits. Shoppers do not care so much about features as they do about the advantage gained from using certain products or services.


When it comes down to marketing, there are so many options to choose from that it is difficult to make up your mind. If you want to achieve better advertising results, you have no choice but to deploy signage. Signs, as well as symbols, are capable of communicating a message to the consumers at which the product or service is aimed. Using human billboards, for instance, is a great idea because they can be easily designed and get huge exposure. For your information, sign makers are constantly looking for new ways to enhance durability, collaborating closely with 3M preferred tape converters. It seems that 3M adhesive tape is so strong that they can join two or more objects together, bonding metals to plastics. Why resort to outdoor advertising anyway? Because it commands the viewer’s attention, it is cost-effective, and, last but not least, the message gets across. If you are going to opt for billboard advertising, carefully choose the manufacturer. And do not forget about other types of signage, such as on-site banners.

Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing may sound aggressive, but it is not. It is just the name that makes you think that it is intrusive. Guerrilla marketing is all about utilizing different, unexpected promotional activities in everyday places. At this point, you are most surely asking yourself if it is a bad idea to take the customers by surprise. Undoubtedly, this is what you should be doing. Surprise is one of the most powerful marketing tools and it is hard to understand why organisations ignore it. You can use guerrilla marketing even at trade shows. No one will stop you from using unconventional advertising methods, as long as you do not disturb others. Individuals love to take selfies, so make sure to provide a red carpet and a banner. As far as the production of big size banners is concerned, 3M tape can be used for creating strong bonds. To make sure that the tape meets your precise specifications, reach out to 3M UK tape converters. Consider including a fun display too.

Bespoke t-shirts  

Small and large businesses have understood that promotional items are not some of those things that suck. Gifts make people notice your company. If until receiving the gratuity they were not aware of the fact that your business existed, afterwards, it will be in their minds. The one promotional giveaway that you need is the t-shirt. This piece of clothing helps you in several ways, such as transforming you into a reputable organisation. Bring t-shirts whenever you talk to clients. It is necessary to bring a personal touch, which means that you need to assure the apparel is made for a particular use. If you have the time, host a contest on social media. Offer to give away bespoke t-shirts as prizes. This may not seem as much, but it is incredibly effective. The investment is small and the gain is the exact opposite. So, what are you waiting for?

To sum up, it is not paramount to resort to digital marketing tactics. You can accomplish so much with offline marketing and it would be a pity not to take advantage of it. Attaining success is possible and it is not bound to the Internet.

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