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Posted by Sundhar on January 23rd, 2019

Nowadays many people are losing excessive hairs due to various reasons. It makes them feel insecure and less confident in public. For people who are stressed due to hair fall, advanced hair restoration techniques are available. You can easily cover your baldness and thin hairs with wigs, hairs patches, etc. that will not only make you feel exquisite but also bring your confidence back. Hair patch in Delhi is on such treatment which is opted by majority of people these days to combat their hair loss issues. 

Hair patch treatment is also called artificial hair restoration. In this treatment a hair wig/patch is attached to the scalp which is made from natural hairs that fully covers the bald areas. Also, it is most affordable treatments for hair loss. When people are tired from the effects to regrow their hairs from medicines and treatment and cannot afford surgical hair transplant, hair patch offers safest solution for the people. 

What is the difference between hair patch and a wig?

The significant difference between the two is the area covered by them. While a hair wig covers the entire scalp, hair patch covers the small bald region of your scalp. The natural hairs are applied with your actual hairs to give it a complete natural look. Unlike hair wig, it is much smaller and design to sit on the bald section for the head.

How the hair patch in Delhi is done?

People who suffer from a medical condition for hair loss is commonly known as alopecia, tend to opt for this treatment. This is the simplest form of hair restoration procedure. It is the non-surgical treatment for hair loss where, a patch of hair or extension in the place of baldness. Doctors stitch this patch of hairs with the help of glue or clips. The clips and glue used are quite safe and doesn’t cause any harm or allergic reaction to your natural hairs and scalp. 

This is the most effective method of hair treatment for the people who don’t want to opt for surgical method or do not have enough money for hair transplant. The patch of the hair is custom designed to fit the head circumference of the patient. Thus, it looks absolutely gorgeous and 100% natural, people end up looking so much better than before. The patch is designed in such a way to match the length, colour and density of the patient’s hair. Plus, this hair restoration technique is safe and does not take too much time. The prosthetic hair patch resembles the patient’s hairs completely, which looks more natural than a wig. 

This treatment is effective with immediate results and also, the hair restoration is painless. No needles are used in this technique. 

Conclusion – 

Hair patch in Delhi is the best way to cover your baldness effectively, that will affect your looks as well confidence. Planet of the hair cloning offers various hair patch treatment for people suffering from hair loss. Visit now to know more about our services.

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