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Posted by rakeshseo on January 24th, 2019

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Virtual Reality – revolution for gamers

A few decades ago, the idea of using technology to immerse yourself in an unknown world of entertainment was way beyond imaginable. But today, from cardboard headsets to warehouse arcades; Virtual Reality (VR) is a brand new medium that keeps us all immersed in a world of someone else’s design and without a doubt one of the most exciting current trends.

The past one year we did a study on how VR will change every industry. Looking ahead to the next quarter of 2018, we believe that VR will serve as a unique attraction not only for gamers but also for people in other industries, be it to exhibit their product or service, the ability to enhance authentic and story driven experiences for the purpose of training or as already proven, to help people get over their fear of heights.

In this blog, we will dive into why VR gamers will change the perspective on the traditional idea of computer games being linked to obesity and thus the continued demand for weight loss solutions.

Virtual reality development

It is only natural when we expect people to be involved in activities rather than spending time in front of their screens playing computer games. According to a research published in The International Journal of Epidemiology, the number of young South Africans suffering from obesity doubled in six years while this took 13 years to happen in United States. To reverse this trend, the South African health industry sprung up with a lot of solutions. But in this tech driven world, the solution that would allow people enjoy their video games and shed those extra pounds is the virtual reality option.

Virtual reality offers an innovative new option for combating obesity and helping South Africans achieve weight loss, when traditional gyms alone are not convenient options for everyone. With a growing problem of overweight and obese South Africans, virtual reality may just be the way of the future. People can now game, have fun and lose calories without the thought that they have to work hard to stay fit.

Augmented reality technology

By attending a simulated fitness club, besides gaming and shedding those pounds at the same time, through visualization and education, VR users could try activities that they had not tried before and these experiences may just be the right reason for some to try VR. Though experiences in the real world can never be replaced, in this day and time, VR is probably the only option that can take users to a very close immersive experience within the four corners of their physical surroundings. Imagine today’s young generation experiencing what it is like to land on another planet or know what it is like to take a walk in a park on the other side of the world.

So get ready to be part of the VR world, play games, be part of unlimited immersive experiences and most importantly, let VR be part of your lifestyle to boost your confidence and improve physical and mental health.

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