What Are Aji Chillies And Health Benefits?

Posted by Ellen Ibbot on January 24th, 2019

Taste And Color Of Aji Amarillo:

This chili is also known as aji escabeche or aji Verde or aji Amarillo. It is now completely yellow as its name suggests. The fruits of this plant start off in green color and then when mature, it turns bright orange and then when the chili is processed, then this thickly fleshed chili pepper loses its deep color and becomes yellowish orange.

This yellow pepper has a subtle, fruity and a smoky flavor with a medium level of heat. It is usually 4 to 5 inches in length and it is available in the market in different forms. You can purchase it in pepper form or powder form from Latin markets or at online stores.

Aji Chillies Health Benefits:

Ajis are Peruvian chilies that have been cultivated in the Peru region since more than 7000 years. Today they form an integral part of the local cuisine of this region. There are around 300 different varieties of chilies that are grown in Peru and Aji Amarillo is the most commonly used pepper out of all. It has an important place in Peruvian cooking and is used fresh, dried or as Aji Amarillo paste. It is originated in the Andes mountain area of Peru and is cultivated there abundantly. This chili is used in combination with garlic, onion, and oil in a variety of recipes such as stews, Peruvian soups, grilled and sauteed dishes. It is also used to prepare stuffed pepper, ceviche, and sauces of different types.

Nutritional Benefits Of Aji Peppers:

Aji Pepper has a high level of capsaicin which is a natural compound that works for weight management. If this compound is consumed consistently for around 1-2 years then it can help in weight loss. Capsaicin is also known to increase lipid oxidation, increase in energy and reduces appetite. Apart from that, it can fight cancer-causing cells especially those that are associated with prostate cancer. It works by preventing the multiplication of cancer cells and reduces the growth of prostate cancer cells. There are numerous varieties of peppers with different effects and proportion of capsaicin. But the most common ones are aji Amarillo and aji panca. The panca variety has a smokier flavor.

Where to buy aji Amarillo from?

If you are located in Peru then you can buy fresh aji Amarillo, Aji mirasol or whole dried form of this, spice form of this chili or aji Amarillo. In Peru, you can get this anywhere from bodega to market to the supermarket. Finding it in other countries might be little challenging, but then you have the option to order online. You can find it at a Latin American store near you. They mostly sell aji as a frozen or canned product or as a paste which is made by boiling and blending fresh Amarillo. Some also sell it in the dried form at big international online retail stores. If you are not getting this chili in the market and are willing to compromise a bit then you can opt for scotch bonnet chili or habanero. In any case, you will not get the same fruity and smoky flavor of aji but still, it would be good enough.

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