Kratom: Red, White, or Green? Does It Matter?

Posted by Christopherthomass on January 24th, 2019

Kratom is one of the most leading herbal remedies in the alternative medicine market. But if you have just heard about it, you might be confused as to which product to get since they come in red, white, or green – the colours of the veins of the kratom leaf before they are dried and set to powder form. Do the colours matter?

Why do they come in different colours?

If you encounter a kratom leaf, place it against the light, and you can see the colour of the veins which come in green, red, or white. The colour of each tree is different, and the location or region also matters. The different coloured veins have different base effects. Some kratom products are also combining different colours to create a combination of effects. If you are new, the choices can be very overwhelming. The following is a guide to the different kratom colours and what effects they can achieve:

Red kratom

The red kratom is the most common kratom type that you can find in the market. This strain of kratom is abundant in Southeast Asia. Not only are the veins red but also the stems as well. It is well-known for its relaxing attributes which helps release tension and gives you a sense of peace and calm. The red kratom is also used for people who have sleep problems like insomnia. The red variety is also being used as an alternative to pharmaceutical painkillers and can also be used to treat muscle tension. Those who use kratom to help them withdraw from opium should also get the red variety. If it is your first time to use kratom, it is advised to start with the red variety because its calming effects are more pleasant. Get more information about payspi click here.

White kratom

The white kratom is well-known to be a great energy booster and mood lifter. People take it to be more alert and awake and have reported being more focused and motivated. People who take the white kratom are those who usually have to work for a long hour or have to do some studying. You have to take note though that its effects greatly depends on the tolerance level and lifestyle of the person. Generally, the white kratom is the most stimulating of all the three strains. For those experiencing depression and other emotional trauma, the white kratom is the best strain for you, but it is advised that you refrain from taking this late in the day as you might have some trouble sleeping.

Green kratom

The effects of the green kratom are said to be more subtle compared to the red and white varieties. It is mostly used as a painkiller for those who are looking for relief but without wanting to feel drowsy. People who have used the green strain reports feeling more alert and balanced. The green strain is usually mixed with the red or white strain to provide more balance and flavour.

If you need to know more about the medical benefits of kratom, articles from are a great help to give you a better general understanding and help you choose which colour is best for you and your condition.

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