Why Copyright registration needed?

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Introduction of Copyright

Copyright is a legal right of owner of intellectual property. Copyright is the right to copy. In legal terms, Copyright protects original works of an author or Originator.

Importance of Copyright Protection

Copyright gives control to Originator over their work. By assigning exclusive rights to Originator, copyright laws ensure that Originator and only those who received permissions are entitled to copy, perform or change the work done by Originator.

Purpose of Copyright

Purpose of Copyright is to promote the useful arts and science by protecting excusive right of Originators/Authors over work. Copyright law protects literature, music, or other artistic work in which an author expressed his/her intellectual concepts.

What Copyright protects

Copyright protects words, images, sounds and other artistic work.

Requirements of Copyright

Certain requirements are prescribed to claim Copyright. List of those requirements is given below.

1)  Fixation

2)  Originality

3)  Minimal Creativity

Copyright Registration

To protect right of work, each Original Author  or creator requires to register their copyright over the work.

Scope and extent of Copyright Registration

Under Copyright laws both published and unpublished works can be registered. All kinds of literary and artistic works can be copyrighted. Computer software and programs can be registered as literary work. Copyright protection prevents undue growth and multiplication of Private products and works.

Copyright Registration Procedure

The Procedure for copyright registration is given below

1) Original Author and creator requires to submit application for copyright registration.

2) Separate applications shall be submitted for registration of each work.

3) Each application shall be accompanied by prescribed requisite fees.

4) Application needs signature of applicant or advocate in whose favour Vakalatnama or Power of attorney has been executed.

5) For registration of copyright on computer programs 3 copies of the program alongwith application requires to be submitted.

6) After submission of application applicant/ Original Author will receive a diary number.

7) For verification purpose applicant has to wait for a period of 30 days .

8) After verification and satisfaction of Copyright Registry certificate is issued by Copyright Office.

Fees for Copyright Registration

In India Government fee for filing a copyright application is only 500 Rupees.

Time for processing Copyright Registration Application

Time Limit for processing copyright registration application is 30 days from date of submission of application.

Benefits and Advantages of Copyright Registration

Benefits of Copyright registration is given below

1) Copyright enables the holder of a copyright to take legal action against infringers.

2)  On account of infringement of copyright, copyright owner is permitted to claim statutory damages in a court.

3) Copyright owner has the right to oppose any offender who claims the ownership over that work done by owner.

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