Metal Spudger - Why and when do you need one?

Posted by spudger on January 24th, 2019

No, it’s not part of your dental hygienist’s tooth cleaning kit! A metal spudger is a prying tool that we use to open cases on devices like smartphones and tablets, or to release laptop screens, for example. For anything that is not meant to be opened routinely, you probably need a spudger.

When might I need a spudger?

With the abundance of “how to” videos on the internet, it’s often more convenient and cheaper to carry out simple repairs at home. Repairing smartphones and devices can be a costly event and if you’re quite technically minded and good with your hands, there’s no reason why you couldn’t follow an instructional video to fix the problem. It might be a smashed screen or a failing battery. Whatever the device’s problem, you will probably need a spudger.

How can a metal spudger help?

When you need more force than a plastic spudger allows, a metal spudger will serve you well. You can get a variety of different types of metal spudger with heavy-duty stainless steel spudgers being the strongest.

When prying tough components, you won’t need to worry about a plastic spudger breaking in your hand. We often use metal spudgers instead of plastic spudgers with glued-together cases. Also, if repairing devices is something you do a lot, you might want a spudger that is more durable.

Why not use a plastic spudger?

Oftentimes, plastic spudgers are only good for one or two uses. Plastic spudgers can be really useful but they are fragile and might break when opening a tighter case. Secondly, if you need more force for an item closed with adhesive, a plastic spudger might snap.

What else do I need to know?

It’s important not to use metal spudgers too heavy-handedly. They can and will scratch materials. The last thing you want when replacing your phone’s screen or battery is to scratch the casing! Secondly, if you’re using your spudger to work inside a device, it is important to recognize that metal is a conductive material and it will cause shocks if it is used in a device with electrical components. It is also not a good idea to use a metal spudger anywhere that gets hot. Since metal conducts heat, it would be wise to use a wooden spudger for jobs with high temperatures involved, soldering, for example.

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