Essential Tips To Make A Good Website Design

Posted by Sundhar on January 24th, 2019

For running a successful business, an online presence is a must. If you are selling products and services or want to have an online identity, it doesn’t matter. Good web design is essential so that people can easily find what they are searching. Webstod web designing company knows that a unique website design will not only attract the attention of people as well as help in increase in sales.

A website is all about design. The critical element in every business opting for a site is web design. Here are the best ways to design your website that will leave a good impact on people

1.    Load speed

Load time of the web page matter whether you are selling services or products. If your website is taking ages to load (on internet few seconds matter because people don’t have enough patience), then people will move on to another site. There are millions of website for that specific keyword. Having a faster website not only improve search engine ranking but also gives a good user experience to the people.

2.    Easy to Navigate

Well, it's frustrating to find out how to navigate your website. Good web design includes easy navigating option by which people can find what they are looking for. The design layout of the site should be clear with a menu which is easy to locate and a search bar. 

3.    The F pattern

The research has shown that people tend to scan a page in F-shape. Make sure to arrange the critical information in the top lift portion of the screen. This will make the navigation through the web pages much easier for the people, and they won’t miss the relevant information. Most people tend to leave information on the right side of the page. 

4.    Make it simple

To design a perfect site, symmetry in which all the information is displayed is essential. If you show too much information, it makes the job of finding something relevant difficult for the users. Also, it will impact your web page’s load time.  

Organise your web page with contrasting colours, texts and images. Don’t use too much text that is difficult to read. Also, use heading and subheading to make it easier for people to scan the information on the page.

5.    Make it responsive

With Google announcing mobile-indexing as a significant ranking factor on the search engines, mobile-friendly websites have become more significant. This was done with an increase in the number of mobile number users. So having a mobile-friendly website is going to increase the number of potential customers coming to your site. A mobile-friendly website will fit into the screen of every device on which it is viewed on. 

6.    Use images and right colours

Use the right colours and pictures to make the web design more attractive. Choose the correct colours contrast and pictures according to the target audience of the business. This leaves a meaningful impact on the mind of people. 

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