Nylon spudger - How to use this nifty tool in electronic repairs

Posted by Spudger on January 24th, 2019

What materials do spudgers come in?

If you Google the word ‘spudger’, you will see hundreds of results for tools of varying sizes. When looking for repair tools, it really is a minefield. You can get wooden spudgers, metal spudgers, fiberglass spudgers, plastic spudgers, and nylon spudgers. They all have different pros and cons, as well as varying uses.

What is a nylon spudger?

A nylon spudger is a spudger made of, well, nylon! On a serious note, nylon spudgers are the most common type of spudger and they often come in black or yellow. They are sticks that usually have a hook on the end and they are usually around 5 inches in lengths. Different nylon spudgers have different type and size of hooks, depending on their use. They can be blunt, sharp, or insulated. The stick usually has contours so that you can keep a better grip when handling intricate movements. You can get either heavy-duty nylon spudgers or more flexible ones. They are hard enough to pry open casings but soft enough that they won’t cause damage to parts. They weigh around 9 grams on average.

When do we use a nylon spudger?

In many electronics repair manuals, you might read about ‘black sticks’ or ‘non-marring nylon black stick tools’ and this is their primary use. They are ideal for use in prying open electronic devices because nylon is not a conductive material. Thus, they are great at preventing electrostatic shock and they are antistatic. They are a great tool for wiring because of this, too. A nylon spudger is pliable too.

What is the purpose of the different ends?

If you know a bit about telecommunication electronics, then you might have heard of 66 blocks or punchdown blocks. Essentially, these are where wires are connected in a telephone system. We often use the hook of a nylon spudger to release wires. In reality, anything that involves intricate wiring might need a nylon spudger! The flat end is useful for disconnecting wiring or pry off electrical components. You can even use it as a screwdriver! The pointed end is useful for connecting and disconnecting components. It is also great for general poking around! Many nylon spudgers have a bit that you can hook small wire on to if you’re trying to release it.

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