Plastic pry tools ? The most versatile spudger

Posted by Spudger on January 24th, 2019

What is a plastic pry tool?

A plastic pry tool is a useful implement for prying open devices and device cases. It’s a really handy and cheap tool that you will find so many uses for around the home or office. There are two main forms of plastic pry tool. The first, and most common type, is a stick with a flat end at one side and a hook on the other. The second type like a guitar pick. Many people do actually use a guitar pick as a pry tool! After all, they’re thin, fairly flexible and cheap! If you already play the guitar you may never need to buy a plastic pry tool.

Why do I need a plastic pry tool or spudger?

Ever not been able to pry open something and searched the house for something thin enough to wedge in a gap? Well, that’s why pry tools and spudgers are for. In technical uses, they’re often for releasing devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops when they are in need of repair. Common usage in households is to aid in the replacement of smartphone batteries and screens. After all, new phones are expensive to purchase and if you’re technically minded you can easily do some basic repairs yourself. Even if you’re not very technically minded, if you’ve got a steady hand and access to the internet, you can learn all sorts of skills on YouTube!

Other uses for a plastic pry tool

Due to the material, a plastic pry tool is pretty safe to use on any surface. It won’t scratch or damage your items. This is why many people use them for tough cleaning jobs like scraping glue or silicone away.

Professional use of plastic pry tools and spudgers

They are often indispensable to technicians out there whose job it is to repair ESDs (electrostatic-sensitive devices). An ESD is a component in an electrical device that static charge could damage. Static charge builds up on tools and even people. Ever had an ‘electric shock’ when touching an object or going down a plastic slide? That’s static charge. With devices like CPUs being full of connections and transistors, they are more prone to damage. Using a plastic pry tool or spudger with these devices protects the components from damage.

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