The spudger tool: a low-tech device for high-tech working

Posted by Spudger on January 24th, 2019

It’s a stick. It’s cheap and low tech. It might even look like it belongs in your child’s craft set. But, a spudger tool really is essential for all your electronic repair and other household needs. Let’s find out why.

What does a spudger tool look like?

Like I’ve said above, a spudger tool is a stick. Most spudgers have two different ends, one being flat (like a screwdriver), the other being pointy or having a hook. Often they are black or yellow plastic tools but they come in all sorts of other materials (metal, nylon, and wood) and colors. You can buy a spudger tool individually for not a lot of money or you can buy a spudger toolkit that contains many different types of spudgers and pry tools, often alongside a few small screwdrivers. Certain types of spudger are only really for single use so people who use these tools frequently often buy them in bulk to reduce costs.

Why is a spudger tool an essential item in my toolbox?

If you work in electronics, these tools are nothing short of wonderful. They are great for prying, poking and holding items when you’re soldering. Lots of spudgers used with soldering are wooden so if you do soldering, this is an essential piece of kit. Effectively, if you had both the time and the patience, you could make your own wooden spudger tool by sharpening a stick. They are really cheap to come by, though, so unless you’re really inclined to keep costs down and save every penny, you may as well just buy some.

What if I don’t work in electronics, should I still own a spudger tool?

Since they’re pretty cheap, there’s no reason not to have a spudger tool in your home. The internet is making it much easier (and cheaper) to repair our own devices and so, if you happen to smash your smartphone or tablet screen, having a spudger at home will be certainly useful. Of course, there’s no need to buy one on the off chance of that occurring! However, I’m sure that once you have a spudger tool to hand, you won’t know what you did without one! They’re so versatile for use around the office or home.

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