A spudger toolkit: all the essential tools for device repair

Posted by Spudger on January 24th, 2019

Most cases for smartphones and tablets don’t have screws. Instead, they need prying open. In order to open them, you need a special tool called a spudger. Let’s find out more about using in a supdger toolkit.

Why choose a spudger toolkit?

If you do a lot of repair work on smartphones or tablets, you might want to buy a spudger toolkit. This saves you from buying lots of different types of spudger individually and keeps them all in one place. Let’s face it, spudgers are quite small and so can be lost easily. Having a toolkit will keep them safe in one place for the next time you need to use one.

What does a spudger toolkit usually contain?

There are many different types of spudger and it would be practically impossible to include them all in a spudger toolkit. Spudger toolkits, therefore, usually contain the most commonly used spudger types. Let’s look at what a typical toolkit might contain. I’ll list them all first before explaining each one’s use.

  • A nylon wire hook spudger
  • A nylon component spudger
  • A metal spudger
  • Two plastic pry picks (one firmer than the other)
  • A plastic pry stick
  • Some mini screwdrivers

Common uses of the spudger tools

With a nylon wire hook spudger, you can use the beveled edge for prying, the pointy end for poking and pushing components and the hook for holding wire when soldering. A nylon component spudger is most often used with electronics that have components that are at risk of being damaged by electrostatic shock. Metal spudgers are more robust and so can pry open devices that have glue holding them into place. Plastic pry picks (these look like guitar picks) and sticks are other tools for prying open pressure-fix devices. Mini screwdrivers can take off small parts in desktop PCs and laptops.

Why might I need a spudger toolkit at home?

They’re super handy to have in any home or office environment. There are lots of devices with small screws these days, included PCs and laptops. If you have children, you’ll probably have come across battery cases on toys that have the smallest screws in them. If that’s you, you’ve probably resorted to using a butter knife or equivalent before now to replace the batteries! Before long, those small children will have grown up into teenagers with smashed smartphone screens. A spudger toolkit, therefore, can be a handy item to have in any place where you might need to repair something! 

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