The loading screen is on Fortnite items

Posted by limmzhou on January 25th, 2019

This week? The loading screen is on Fortnite items peak of the article here, and if you look carefully, you can see the ghost of a conflict star in addition to the main building of this compound.

So, where you're going is situated on the map . Lazy Links is not the greatest drop point , but you can do worse, and it's definitely a step up from Anarchy Acres.Here's an aerial perspective of Lazy Links if you are looking to land directly on it to snag the battle star immediately whenever the game stars.

Thus far, the next two loading screens haven't leaked yet (they usually leak in pairs), so I'm not certain where we are heading after this. My guess will be the desert when we are continuing to take a tour of the new locations, but maybe the Viking Village along with the waterfall? I could see a conflict star being concealed on the Cheap fortnite materials ship someplace, or anything like that.

I thought The Visitor was a small letdown as last year's blockbuster skin, just because there was seven weeks of hype in front of him. I'm more curious about this year's, as I feel like it is going to be a villain to go up against Drift, our time-traveling, dimension-hopping hero. While elevation 100's Ragnarok is a very scary Viking in his final form, he doesn't seem like he'd be a foe for Drift especially. Thus, what rival rift-hopper might we find?

Or will it be a new kind of historical figure, or have a part in generating season , like The Visitor? Five more weeks before we find out, and this conflict star can help you on your way.

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