JAM LITE ? The conductivity improver compound for earthing installation

Posted by jmvexim on January 25th, 2019

The grounding system is the concept that is used since antient times for the dissipation of fault current to the ground. For limiting the damage to equipment and also for the safety of human, earthing installation is mandatory. Each of the component used in the installation shows its effect. It depends on the type of grounding conductor used and the moisture content in the soil. The earthing installation is to decrease the soil resistivity as the current always takes a low resistant path to the ground.

The moisture content in the soil can be enhanced utilizing backfilling compound. When we talk of such compounds – you need to choose the compound with the required composition. Choice of exact quality and quantity of earth enhancement compound is to meet all requisites of the grounding system.

The earthing or grounding system is basically installation of grounding rod deep inside the earth crust connecting to the conducting part of the earth. Then the conductor is surrounded by hygroscopic and conductive earth enhancement material to enhance the soil conditions. Earlier we used mixture of salt and charcoal for backfilling.This mix requires regular watering and maintenance making it hectic and troublesome technique.Watering of the installation would tend to lower the soil conditions which in the long run makes the system useless.
Hence, the traditional backfilling compound which is salt and charcoal was replaced by JAM LITE – earth enhancement compound.The earth enhancement compound works on the conductivity aspect of grounding.

Earth Enhancement Compound–JAM LITE is the enhanced compound with extreme conductivity and moisture retaining attributes. This is a carbon based compound compliant to IEC 62561-7 and IEEE 80.

JAMLITE is a specially developed compound to attain the required resistance value for tough soil conditions. It has quality of high conductivity and non corrosive. Moreover, they absorb and retains moisture and so does not require to be watered every interval. Jamlite being lead free are safe for aquatic and other animals. Earth enhancement compound are highly recommended in National Building Code 2016, effectively decreasing the soil resistivity and paving path for the electric faults to the earth.

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