Benefits of Using Custom Brochure Flyers for Your Business Marketing

Posted by Print Early on January 25th, 2019

As many leaders in the printing industry have done in recent years, Print Early has also established valiant efforts to contribute to the Go Green movement. These efforts have started with our inventory and supply selection, has continued within our manufacturing protocols and equipment, and couldn’t be made possible without the help our of customers and volunteers that help collect and recycle the scrap materials. One of the prime examples of our efforts is showcased through our eco-friendly flyers that have helped to promote businesses effectively, while playing a vital role in a worsening global issue. Print Early is proud of our involvements and aims to educate our customers on the importance of utilizing eco-friendly flyers and recycled materials whenever possible! Here are the top 3 benefits of using eco-friendly flyers to showcase and promote your business – some may shock you!

Financial Benefit of Eco Friendly Flyers

Since eco friendly flyers are printed on 100% recycled paper, it reduces the cost of production and materials tremendously. For this reason, many business owners have increased the amount of eco friendly flyers they use throughout the year for their annual printing promotions such as seasonal sales or employment opportunities. Although many individuals believe that by using recycles materials they are reducing the paper quality and in turn, the quality of the finished product. However, Print Early guarantees that our eco friendly flyers produce the same high quality finish that is accomplished with non-recycled paper products. Many business owners that utilize this type of materials for their flyers, also participate in third party charity and activist organizations that can potentially reward business owners for their environmental friendly choices with tax breaks!

Production Benefit of Eco Friendly Flyers

Many individuals and business owners alike prefer to utilize eco friendly flyers for the simple reason that due to the lower cost of recycled materials, they are able to obtain a larger quantity of their flyers and promotional products for the same or cheaper cost. This enables business owners to reach a larger target market without increasing their advertising overhead. Statistics show that when utilizing any sales solicitation such as cold calling or flyer distribution, the odds of landing a sale are 2 out of 10. Technically speaking, by increasing the amount of flyers you are able to distribute without increasing the cost can only give you an advantage over both your competition and your budget!

Environmental Benefit of Eco Friendly Flyers

Each and every effort on our part as human beings to protect the environment collectively makes a huge difference. Global warming, pollution and water contamination caused by improper garbage disposal is damaging the balance of the ecosystem, currently becoming one of the largest global issues – but yet there are not enough efforts being made! Many business owners that frequently print in large quantities prefer to utilize products that are soy based, including inks and various printing materials. Print Early provides a recycled paper option for most of our products, including our custom brochure flyers, and always print with environmentally safe products and materials.

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