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Posted by EllaBaxter on January 25th, 2019

25 January 2019 - Business Ladies provides amazing services for those who like beautiful and amazing girls and ladies. Why are the intimate videos good for you and why choose namely Business Ladies? Israel escorts are the best ones in the world. Moreover, modern neurology recognizes that the brain is subject to influences. It changes depending on our experience and creates ways and connections that correlate and match everything that we see, hear and learn.

The overwhelming majority of articles on this subject usually affect this phenomenon from the point of view of psychology or social sciences. In this article we will try to shed light on the impact of pornography in terms of neurology. One of the main neurotransmitters in the brain is dopamine. It is an important element of the "reward system" of the brain and is responsible for physical activity, motivation processes, feelings of pleasure and guilt, training. The dopamine level determines the presence of attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity in children, weakening of cognitive function as a result of aging, depression. One of the most important roles of dopamine is producing a sense of pleasure, a sense of reward and desire, as well as providing a learning process. Such drugs as cocaine affect the dopaminergic system, which results in the release of large amounts of dopamine, which causes a “high” experience. The need for such sensations leads to the fact that there is a drug addiction.

What does all this have to do with pornography? When the corresponding images appear on the screen, certain receptors are activated and the dopaminergic system is activated - just like when cocaine is used. The bonds formed in the brain when viewing pornographic images are magnified by the release of a large amount of dopamine. Pornography is a fantasy. Different scenes with the participation of various women create the illusion that the one who looks, every time enters into a relationship with a new man. Very often, it is everything your body cells and brain needs. Try it out to feel the beauty of the Tel Aviv escorts.

About Business Ladies:
Business Ladies is an online platform offering qualitative intimate videos for those who value beauty and sensuality. The purpose of the website is to offer people emotions and totally amazing moments to live. If you are wondering to explore better the adult world, then you came right at Business Ladies. The web platform will be

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