Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Business Website

Posted by Victor Bajaj on January 25th, 2019

You have the prospect here because you are considering using WordPress for your business website, but you are not sure. With all platforms, site-builders and other options, make your research better than expected and ending with a site that you can not manage or keep secure, and this will be possible in one case when you will hire the best Freelance WordPress Developer.

According to the Alignable SMB Index, WordPress is the most trusted software for small business. And when there is a learning curve, this flexibility and versatility make the platform of this website an excellent choice for long-term projects.

Here are 9 reasons that WordPress will be the best for your business:

1. Low running costs: In the case of ongoing costs, it is difficult to beat WordPress. With licensing fees, affordable hosting options and free themes and plugins, who care for a myriad of needs, you will find that you save a significant amount over time with WordPress.

However, the cost of closing down is high. Since WordPress is self-hosted (unless you use WordPress dot com), you will need to find a hosting company and buy a domain name (both can be relatively cheap). You will also need to set up a site, in which your time may be spent.

WordPress is known for its learning stages - it takes time to learn and master the forum. Since this is one of the most popular website software, there are many people who can help you set up your WordPress website - but you still have to spend the time to weight them, which if you do not know then Maybe someone for WordPress (which takes time to learn too)

2. Extensive adoption + support:  WordPress Global CMS is 50-60% of market share, which is the most popular CMS platform for the 7th consecutive year. It grants 14.7% of the world's top 100 websites.

Why is this matter beyond pure popularity?

WordPress is the place where developers, designers, support, and professionals are. A big market = deep support for your firm and your website. There are thousands and thousands of designers and developers who know. Hire Best WordPress developerwho will help your firm. There is no risk of entrapment with a terrible developer because he is the only guy who knows [random software] inside and outside.

3. Versatility (plugins & themes): Have you ever seen a cool contact form, picture slider, or some other clean functionality and have wished that you can apply to your site? WordPress makes it easy to do this. It uses a system called plugins - where you can download the "plug-in" to a third-party piece of software to look at your site, to work and feel as you want.

This is part of making WordPress so popular. CMS can be said literally anything - a huge news site with a simple blog, advanced search, and classified functionality, social network and auction site, e-commerce store etc. If you want the ability to plug in and play with different site elements and scales, then WordPress is Go-to Choice. Again, this helps in giving a little context on how the plugins work. They are different pieces of software that add special functionality to your website.

4. CMS functionality: If you are looking for a website that you can log in and edit without the developer, then WordPress is a clear choice. This direct CMS makes it easy for the total beginners to make changes without touching one line of code (or to pay someone for editing for hours).

CMS allows you to upload, manage and use all types of files from PDF to MPGs - from JPGs. You can do everything by storing content assets like page type and templates (such as a blog page, portfolio of work, etc.).
This is not a fully functional content management system in other website builders (or hard-coded websites). You just have to take the time to learn it.

5. Data Ownership and Control: WordPress is open source, which means that it is not proprietary. It is not owned by any company, and its copyright is licensed under the GPL. As an open-source, self-hosted website, you have complete control over your site. You have everything - your files, content, data, optimization, and even where you decide to host your website. This means that if you want to switch to hosting providers, no one can stop you (and your content still exists).

Other non-open source website platforms usually come with more restrictions. As the owner of a website on a non-open-source platform, you are limited to whatever your premium package offers. This means that if you want to change hosts (or do not pay your monthly/annual package fee), then you may lose all your stuff.

6. Scalable: Design flexibility and customization of WordPress makes it a great choice for long-term, scalable work. You can easily start with a simple, template-based site and can add new features through plugins (or new themes), as you grow - all other websites without paying for the plan upgrade Platforms can be charged.

And since WordPress is very popular - and therefore flexible - many of your favorite web services are synced above it. Do your email marketing with Mail Chimp? It gets sinking properly. Want to install tracking, social media, eCommerce capabilities etc? It can probably be integrated.

7. Upgrade: With regular schedules, open-source updates, WordPress has millions of strong, active communities. As an open source platform, the code is open to the public, which means that any weaknesses and weaknesses can be seen and fixed very quickly. As such, WordPress constantly improves due to its actual input by its users and developers.

WordPress is constantly updating because it is not limited by the resources of a company - it is powered by its community.

The key here is to make sure that you keep your site up to date. The WordPress community may be dedicated to providing an upgrade to the Platform Cutting Edge, but they are not responsible for ensuring that you keep your software updated. Which falls on you as the owner of a website.

8. Hosting and server options + independence: When you use WordPress, you have the freedom to choose which hosting provider you want. This flexibility allows you to balance budget, features, support etc. to meet your unique business needs.

For example, if you are building a huge site, in which tons of storage space is built in super-fast server and email platform, you can choose the hosting options that are suited to that specific requirement. But if you do not need that level of hosting, then you are not tied to it. You get to choose.

9. Security: Here's the thing - every system is in the grip of hacking, especially if you are independence and ownership that comes with a self-hosted website. So it gets hacked like WordPress, its competitors (Drupal, Joomla, etc.).
The difference with WordPress is that the entire company and thousands of people are dedicated to shutting down vulnerabilities. It is a popular software to use the security advantages.

But apart from website security, what you need as a business owner is business security. The more dependent your business is on a vendor - whether it is a non-self hosted website or a complex, hard-code website providing companies that can manage only one developer and/or platform. - The less secure it is. Changes in the mission statement, privacy policy, billing practices, or general inefficiency (O, this is) can put your business in an unsafe condition. So hire a freelance web developerwith resources and capability to keep your WordPress website safe (i.e. keep your site up-to-date, check data for any irresponsibility, etc.), its independence and control will make your business unique strategic Provides safety.

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