Incursion focuses on PoE currency

Posted by limmzhou on January 29th, 2019

Incursion focuses on PoE currency a historical Vaal treasure temple named Atzoatl which was lost after the Vaal Cataclysm. A new character called Alva Valai has a hypothesis about the best way to uncover its location, although no one knows where to find it.

As every new area is entered by players they'll encounter Alva standing next to some Vaal mark stones. If you talk to her, she will offer to use because it existed in the past these stones to send you to the temple. In doing so, you show the location of this temple as it exists in the present.

All these incursions send you into a random area within Atzoatl in the past where you'll only have a limited amount of time to kill all of the buy poe exalted orbs critters found there. You're going to have to move, although each kill grants you time. Because this segment is, there is no need to be worried about picking up items or managing your stock.

A pub on the bottom of the screen monitors your progress toward killing each creature in the area and, when the timer runs out and you're sent back to the present, all the items which you would have accumulated spill out in a single glorious fountain of loot.

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