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Posted by preform nicole on January 29th, 2019

The Pet Preform Mould injection process usually consists of 6 steps:

Clamping: The injection molding machine consists of three parts – the injection mold, the clamp and the injection unit, in which the clamping unit keeps the mold under a certain pressure to ensure the consistency of the output.

The mold usually consists of two parts.

Injection unit: refers to the portion of plastic hopper that is fed into the hopper at the top of the injection unit. These particles will be loaded into the main cylinder where they are heated at high temperatures until they melt into a liquid. Then, inside the injection unit, a screw will rotate and mix the already liquefied plastic. Once the liquid plastic reaches the desired state of the product, the injection process begins. The plastic liquid is forced through a running gate whose speed and pressure are controlled by a screw, sometimes controlled by a pressure head, depending on which machine you are using.
Residence: When a certain amount of pressure is applied to ensure that each cavity is completely filled, it represents a pause in the process. In this process, this is a very important step, and if the mold cavity is not properly filled, it will cause the equipment to be scrapped.
Cooling: This process step allows the mold to cool for a period of time. If this step is performed too quickly, these units may stick together or morph when it is removed from the machine.
Mold opening: The clamping device will open to separate the mold. Throughout the process, molds are often the most important individual components that are used repeatedly and their processing costs are very high.
Injection: The finished product is finally shot from the injection molding machine. In general, the finished product will continue on the production line or as an integral part of a larger product, such as a car steering wheel, packaged and delivered to the production line.

In daily life, each of us uses products that involve injection molding every day. If not for injection molding, many cars will not be sold at such an affordable price. However, this process also has some drawbacks. These machines are very expensive and therefore require a large capital investment. When designing parts, we must keep in mind the production process, as this process is considered unsuitable for short-term production.

However, these shortcomings are offset by greater benefits, including the speed at which parts are produced, relatively low labor costs, and minimal material waste. Even finished parts usually do not need to be finished.

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