IOT Cloud Services: What You Need to Know

Posted by alvina on January 29th, 2019

With all the modern technology that’s gradually revolutionizing our lives, the internet of things (IoT) is something relatively unknown by a lot of people, despite the impact it will have on everyone’s life. Cloud hosting is fast becoming the accepted method of developing and running technology solutions. IoT cloud platforms support internet functions of an item’s functions, including the installation, running, storage of data, security, and maintenance.

IOT is big business and a lot of IoT companies are global IT and internet organizations, such as Google and Microsoft. Amazon is also a big player with its Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In order to understand what the Internet of Things is all about, you have to think about all the network devices connected to the internet. These can include anything that has a sensor on it, including items like cars, jet engines, wearable devices, and machinery. As these things are used, they collect data.

As for cloud computing, this is a model that enables highly convenient and quick access to a pool of shared IT resources, including applications, storage, servers, and networks, that can be utilized with minimal effort or service provider interaction.

Since the IoT is creating incredibly large amounts of data, there are many IoT companies that are trying to develop and build solutions for this, helping to relieve some of the strain and pressure from all this data. The IoT cloud platform should play a role in the solution. It will help to ensure that all the connected devices work together.

While there are many IoT companies, Salesforce is a business that provides a popular IoT cloud platform for its user base. Part of its promise is that users can begin to understand their customers at a deeper level, helping them to improve their businesses, specifically in terms of their product designs and marketing strategies. This is through the collection, analysis, and sending of real-time IoT data about product usage and customer behavior straight to the CRM system.

A good IoT platform should have the following features:

The ability to access and interact with the data you need.

Getting the right insights that are relevant to your business, allowing you to grow.

Easy connectivity with electronic devices, including sensors and RFIDs,

Popular and highly rated IoT cloud platforms include: Thingworx 8 IoT Platform, Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, Google Cloud’s IoT platform, IBM Watson IoT Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Platform, Cisco IoT Cloud Connect, Salesforce IoT Cloud, Kaa IoT Platform, Oracle IoT Platform, Thingspeak IoT Platform, and GE Predix IoT Platform.

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