6 Major Health Benefits of Using Park Benches

Posted by ParkFurnitureAustralia on January 29th, 2019

Sitting at public places is a great tradition in the Western countries. People enjoy sitting in the parks and other public places. That's the reason you will find sturdy and beautiful benches in the parks everywhere in Europe, United States and Australia.

These benches are both old and new and are generally comfortable, accessible and helpful in socializing. Sitting on a bench is considered to be a good thing for health and psyche. It has very good effect on your body, mind and psyche.

1. Use it as an opportunity to rest

Park furniture provides an excellent opportunity to rest individually and in groups. Generally, these benches are made of high quality wood and are ergonomically designed to be comfortable for all age groups.

Our nervous system also responds in a better way, while we are outdoors and it makes us feel calm and peaceful, even if we are in an urban area that is full of noise.

Sitting on a bench in the park provides us an opportunity to spend some time near to nature, trees, herbs, and shrubs. It may also include water bodies such as lakes or springs. Together these natural things amplify relaxing effect and help us boost our mood.

2. Spend time in the fresh air

When we have these park benches around, we spend longer time in the fresh air. It helps us rejuvenate our senses and improve our mental and physical health. It is also said to boost the levels of vitamin D in our bodies.

3. Prevent several diseases including some fatal ones

Vitamin D is found abundantly in sunlight and it is considered effective in preventing more than a dozen types of cancer and many psychiatric and health issues such as anxiety, depression, dementia, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, infections, and fractures.

It also improves our probability to live longer by 100%. So spend more time sitting on the park benches.

4. Say goodbye to isolation

Sitting on park benches allows you to establish connection with society and get rid of isolation. No wonder isolation also brings with it many illnesses. Such places boost creativity and are good for producing healthy hormones.

It also boosts your sense of belonging with the place you are at. So just sit on a park bench and start a conversation with someone. It will make you feel better without spending a single penny on medications and therapies.

To maintain cleanliness in the parks, use park bins and throw garbage in park bin surrounds.

5. Encourage democratic values

It sounds funny but it's true that sitting on a Park Seating is genuinely democratic experience. It comes free of cost and is accessible to all of us without any discrimination. Bring some food and enjoy the simplicity of life on these benches and truly thank your nation for providing you certain free benefits that are extremely valuable.

6. Take part in some physical activity

Sitting also encourages you to indulge in physical exercises, the simplest of which is taking a walk. It is a proven fact that at a public place with park bench seats, people love to spend more time walking than sitting idle. Nobody prefers to sit for long hours. So it indirectly encourages walking.

These are the major health benefits of using Park Bench Seats for sitting. Make the fullest use of this facility, which is available totally free of cost.

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